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In my latest column, I warned Republicans that if they remain the party of exploiting Benghazi and "repeal ObamaCare," they will lose an epic landslide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016. Now we learn that House Republicans are exploiting the death of Americans in Benghazi to raise campaign money for Republican candidates, and they are using the committee of inquisition that House Republican leaders seek to name as a fundraising vehicle for Republican politicians.

GOP Exploits Benghazi

This Republican shame is sickening, nauseating, disgusting and unpatriotic. Voters will find the practice of exploiting dead Americans in Benghazi to raise money for Republicans, and to create a sham House committee to re-investigate Benghazi, as another example of the kind of disgusting GOP politics that made voters give the Republican brand the popularity of defective dog food.

The House should not create the Benghazi committee.


If Republican leaders force this sham through, Democrats should refuse to name members and also boycott and denounce the committee. When the television cameras come in, the audiences will see an all-Republican sham production at taxpayer expense.

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The Republicans raising money using dead Americans in Benghazi is a shame, an outrage and an infamy that must be ended, as this committee must be ended, as the House Republican majority must be ended.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill