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union busting

Pick your poison. They all have had the same impact on American workers along with the middle-class, minorities and the poor of the United States.

All of the above GOP caste has declared an undeclared, and unCivil War on Labor and Unions. There were unions in the 1920s and 1930s, however the more powerful AFL-CIO wasn't formed until 1955 and the Change to Win Federation split from the AFL-CIO in 2005. Today, about 7.8 percent of labor is unionized, as opposed to the over 25% in the 1960s.

When did the undeclared uncivil war on Labor begin? It could easily be tied to the Civil War and slavery, or perhaps to the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when the Republicans shot back even before Social Security was enacted. Apart from today's compromising strategy of President Obama with the GOP, Roosevelt "welcomed their hatred" and knew the people were with him when he slammed the Republicans for the rich, greedy plutocrats that they were then and are even more so today.

Or one might suggest the overt attack by Ronald Reagan when he openly declared that "government is the problem, not the solution," and immediately fired the Air Traffic Controllers. The Republican attitude was and still is "We don't need no stinkin' unions in government and for that matter we don't need no stinkin' unions in the private capital sector either!"

But first a word from our sponsor, CITIZENS UNITED. Today, Corporations (Persons) are thriving and making record profits while putting forth what they consider freedom-centered American solutions for mega-international and off shore Corporations (Persons) all over the world. (In other words you don't have to be a U.S. citizen to buy any of our elections) Along with the super-patriotic GOP, the Corporations (Persons) have fueled the Republican Party and their crony Tea Party, to put down President Obama, Labor Unions, (collective bargaining) the U.S. middle class, minorities, the poor and our nation in order to accomplish their goals. Oh yes! And KILL THE UNIONS. (What do you mean by that?)

The Corporate SUPRASUPREME COURT and CITIZENS UNITED: The Supreme Court is allegedly supposed to determine the law of the land and the constitutionality of the laws made by Congress. So anyone with any knowledge of the U.S. Constitution would assume that the Supreme Court Gang of Five could not turn CITIZENS UNITED into a U.S. law! Right? (Far Right) So what did the Gang of Five do to make a new law? They made money free speech for elections. (You're kidding!) {No I'm not}

On top of that The Supreme Gang allowed corporations and unions to make independent expenditures for or against political candidates. And in addition to that the corporate or union money can be given in any amount, anonymously. (Oh come on, they couldn't do that) (Yes they can and did)

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So at least the Gang of Five made it equal with the expenditures for corporations and labor unions for or against political candidates? (As equal, fair and balanced as Fox News) (What do you mean?)

Any U.S. voter paying attention would know the GOP is now linked with corporations like the Koch Brothers, ALEC (Look it up) Grover Norquist (No new taxes pledge for GOP Congressmen and Senators that supersedes the Constitution) and word smith, Frank Luntz. With many of the newly elected GOP Governors, ALEC and corporations like the Koch brothers along with Luntz, created a multiple state wide plan to get rid of collective bargaining and the unions, particularly the public service ones handling first responders, teachers, fire fighters, police and nurses.

The GOP Governors, never mentioned they wanted to eliminate collective bargaining during their winning campaigns, with the unprecedented bulk of the campaign money coming from the afore mentioned huge corporations and entities.

Wait a minute! If the Republicans are able to get rid of the unions, doesn't that take the right of free speech away from them and mitigate or change the Citizens United law? (Yeah, doesn't it?) (Can you imagine the Gang of Five Supremes would overturn their own newly created unconstitutional law? Ha!)

Oh, the poor Labor Unions. What can be done for those GOP states that will be so badly affected by Republican "Union busting?"

The strongest answer to date in stopping the GOP onslaught is to replicate the wonderful and wise voters of Wisconsin. The Wisconsinites gathered together to actually recall some of the Republican State Senators in GOP strongholds and slowed down the egregious mistake of a Governor, Scott Walker. Walker could be recalled in January of 2012.

Jerry Drucker

Jerry Drucker

Photos by Robin Doyno