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With less than two weeks to go before the United States chooses its next president, several polls show Trump ahead of Clinton in the battleground states of Ohio and Florida. RealClear Politics has Texas leaning in the direction of Trump/Pence and also shows that a substantial number of toss-up electoral votes are still up for grabs.

The Plan to Kill Obamacare—Sharon Kyle

The Plan to Kill Obamacare—Sharon Kyle

Nationwide, several polls have Clinton ahead by just a few points, easily within the margin of error.

GOP Hates Obamacare, Loves Romneycare

Although Trump's stump speeches and his website have been short on policy, one of the cornerstones of his platform - so to speak - is his opposition to Obamacare. Not unlike the rest of the Republican Party, Obamacare has been one of Trump's political footballs.

A frequent contributor to the LA Progressive, Charles D. Hayes had this to say about the GOP's candidate's position on the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, is a conservative plan based on ideas hatched by the Heritage Foundation. By choosing a conservative model, President Obama thought he was, in effect, meeting the GOP halfway.

When conservatives came up with the plan to keep private for profit insurance companies, in business, they put an emphasis on personal responsibility making insurance mandatory to keep free riders from cheating the rest of us.

From the beginning the GOP has been trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act without any sincere efforts to improve it.

But when President Obama decided to try it their way, he didn’t realize that the GOP cared much less about universal insurance coverage, than they cared about simply holding onto political power.

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And proving the point that the GOP cares more about holding on to political power, they totally flip-flopped on the idea of personal responsibility, began screaming about personal freedom, and started telling people that instead of being personally responsible for signing up and paying up, they were being ripped off by a president whose very legitimacy was suspect.

From the beginning the GOP has been trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act without any sincere efforts to improve it. The hypocrisy and insincerity is mind-numbing and the fact that the GOP has no viable alternative, but to kill the attempt to achieve universal coverage, except to put the insurance companies back in complete control of the process is anathema to American ethics.

That such a vacuum of responsibility would ultimately lead to a GOP nominee for president as morally bankrupt as Donald Trump seems in hindsight, inevitable. So, when the GOP points to the rising costs of health insurance premiums we need to point out that their own obstinacy in being unwilling to help solve the problems of universal insurance coverage, that is where the real fault lies.

Charles D. Hayes

Charles posted this opinion on Facebook and gave us permission to repost. We thought it a good reminder of the GOP's lack of true concern for the health care of the people of this country. The GOP says that they hate Obamacare, even though it was originally their own plan. Universal Health Care—something that is available in most other similarly situated countries—is what the United States needs. No, we didn't get Universal Health Care under President Obama, but what we got saved lives. With Trump and Clinton running so close, we stand a chance to lose the little headway we made.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. I still believe that Hillary Clinton has a lot of work to do to become the kind of politician that does the people's bidding, but this election is not the time to send her a message. If Trump gets into office, people who are already marginalized will be the first to bear the brunt.

We can't risk that. If you are in one of the toss up states, please get out and vote for Hillary Clinton. If you are in a state that is leaning toward Trump and you are not happy with what he represents, please do not stay home on November 8th. Please get out and vote for Hillary Clinton and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Sharon Kyle 2013

Sharon Kyle
LA Progressive Publisher