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Here's an idea for Bernie (suggested by my 97-year-old mother, Terry). It's an idea with a twist.

Hillary Debates Bernie

Hillary Debates Bernie — One Way or Another—Michael Hertz

I'm sure that you've heard that Hillary has refused to debate Bernie one last time, just before the California primary on June 7. “ Clinton and Sanders . . . agreed in February to add four more debates to the calendar, including a debate in May. So far, the two candidates have had three of the four debates they agreed to, the last being in New York on CNN.” Bernie agreed to the invitation by Fox News to the fourth agreed-upon debate, while Hillary declined.

What should Bernie do? There's a proud American history of what candidates do in such situations. Starting at least as early as 1924, they debate an empty chair, meant to symbolize their opponent. A most recent example was at the 2008 Republican convention where actor Clint Eastwood debated against a chair meant to symbolize President Obama.

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My mother's twist on this idea is to have a cardboard cut-out of Hillary to sit in a chair. Or maybe a pinata would be nice. Or a doll, a sweatshirt – heck, anything works.

If Hillary's afraid of losing another debate with Bernie, this is a way of guaranteeing she'll lose. Not to mention that this will remind everyone that she's untrustworthy.


Michael T. Hertz