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hillary losing latinas

Protesters from Latino and Community groups make their way to East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park on May 5, 2016 to protest Hillary's rally (Frederic J. Brown/AFP)

Hillary Losing Latinas

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all who missed the most important event in US Civil War history.

Most don’t know that without the Battle of Puebla there is no Union. If Mexico falls to the French and English and the other anti-Union European countries, weapons supplies and cotton flow both directions between the Confederacy and Mexico and their war is funded. Eventually, the war would have stalemated and we would be rid of the South. Not a bad deal actually.

That being said, the Union won and we are stuck with the right-wing slave owners whose self-hating philosophy keeps them in spiritual poverty.

This week is the week where the Hillary campaign will prove its incompetence in securing Latino voters.

This week is the week where the Hillary campaign will prove its incompetence in securing Latino voters. The most important person in a Latino household, by the way, is the Latina who sets the social agenda. It is not me saying this. It's fact.

Ballots go out today to millions of voters, many of whom are Latina voters. But my wife, a second-generation Mexican American, has received not one piece of mail advertising nor a single phone call. A leader in her own right, many ask her opinion.

Hillary, what opinion should she give? Should she say, you know, Hillary gets our contributions to America? Hillary even celebrated Cinco de Mayo, not by eating tacos but by visiting with Latina workers—mothers and grandmothers who take care of the children of working parents.

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Hillary gets the struggle of our DACA kids worried about deportation, a topic often discussed around my US citizen dinner table.

Hillary gets low wages and the importance of a $15 minimum wage and a free education for our daughters and sons. What should my wife, the doctor, say?

Well, nothing. Why? Because Hillary does not talk to Latinas. No, Hillary does mariachi politics.

She has made no pledge to fund Latina voter registration and voter turnout. Hillary has made no defense of the Voting Rights Act and voter ID. Where is her intervention in all the voting rights cases? Where is her financial support of legal services that fight these fights?

I get that she sees the world in Black and White, but hey, Hillary 50% of the state of California is neither BLACK NOR WHITE!


Having a Texan tell a Californian about Hispanic issues does not cut it. We Californians listen to the most important women in our household. Well done, Hillary. You are losing the election.

Steven J Ybarra JD
Negro y Blanco©