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John Erickson Gets the LAP Nod

My voice and focus has been committed to advocating for a #WeHo that works for workers, protects renters, and advocates for those underserved.
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Occasionally, we interview an activist and sometimes that activist is also a candidate. Such is the case with John Erickson.

John Erickson is running for the West Hollywood City Council but also happens to be a strong advocate for the social and economic issues that have dominated the political landscape for the past decade.

We sat down with John and learned that he has spent his entire adult life and considerable portion of his childhood working to promote fairer and more equitable treatment for marginalized people.

A transplant from the midwest, Erickson was completing his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University in American Religious History when, in 2010, he moved to West Hollywood.

He was selected to intern for the West Hollywood City Council which set him on a path that has turned into a full-time commitment to public service and an unyielding devotion to social and economic justice.

He’s got an impressive CV but what’s most impressive is the work he started at age 6 “working” with his grandmother, Gladys.

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Growing up in Ripon, Wisconsin, Erickson’s dedication to social justice was shaped by his indomitable grandmother who took him with her as she led women’s rights rallies, lobbied in the Wisconsin capital to fight for seniors’ issues, and volunteered at the Ripon Food Bank. Through his grandmother, Erickson learned how to be a fearlessness, tenacious and effective voice for those who need one.

Now, decades later, Erickson is running for a seat on the West Hollywood City Council. My interview with John was over the phone because of Covid. I asked how he’d handle the backup of issues that have only gotten worse in the months since the pandemic hit. Erickson said that after the pandemic is over, he believed that more people should be involved in the reopening process and the city should consider creating a coalition of workers, renters and businesses owners to work with the city.

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“The demographics of West Hollywood has changed, the world has changed, and I’m ready to address these challenges head-on,” said Erickson in one tweet.

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“My voice and focus has been committed to advocating for a #WeHo that works for workers, protects renters, and advocates for those underserved.”

Erickson is running on a progressive platform that includes:

He was a Planning Commissioner and led efforts to protect West Hollywood’s existing housing stock and helped create over 250 new units.

His plan includes advocating for alternative forms of transportation, smart growth, transit-oriented policies, and city operations that reduce water and energy use.

Erickson is a member of his local neighborhood watch group — and is engaged with the Public Safety Commission — his work in this arena has taught him to work with local law enforcement to increase safety.

He advocates for Metro’s proposed commitment to the West Hollywood rail extension and for expanding transportation options for West Hollywood.

Affordable housing is a central issue in the community and John devotes considerable time to this issue. He supports city policies that prevent people from becoming homeless — like endorsing a living-wage.

With his passion for public service and a clear commitment progressive politics, the LA Progressive endorses John Erickson.