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Judging the Judges in the November 2022 election involves three different courts in the state of Californians.  Californians will be voting for judges in the following three different courts:

  1. The County Superior Court
  2. The California State Appellate Court
  3. The California State Supreme Court 

There are 58 counties in the state of California. Each county will hold its own superior court judicial election.  This posting provides recommendations exclusively for the candidates for Superior Court Judge for the County of Los Angeles. They are:


Office 60 - Anna Slotky

Office 67 - Elizabeth Lashly-Haynes

Office 70 - Holly L. Hancock

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Office 90 - Melissa Lyons

Office 118 - Carolyn Jiyoung Park

Office 151 - Patrick Hare

California State Appellate Court

The California State Appellate Court and the California State Supreme Court hold  elections that are categorized as "retention" elections only.  According to the California Courts website, appellate retention elections are not contested elections.  Unlike the county superior court elections, at the appellate level,  no one may run against these justices. 

In retention elections, the voters vote "yes" or "no" to indicate whether the justice shall continue to serve. If a majority of voters cast "yes" votes for a particular justice, that justice remains for another term. 

As these are uncontested races, the LA Progressive will not list the names of the judicial candidates in order to avoid any confusion.  We are not making recommendations in either the California State Appellate Court or the California Supreme Court judicial retention elections.

For more information about these judicial elections, go to the California Courts website.