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The mid-term election has come and gone.  As of 11/16/22, in Los Angeles County, according to the LA County Registrar, approximately 35.5% of eligible voters participated in the election. In other words, 64.5% or most LA County residents sat it out. They weren't involved. They didn't show up! -- And these are registered voters! Never-the-less, the show must go on. So, as of 11/16/22, the Los Angeles County Registrar posted the results for the people who actually took the time to vote. These results are for the elections in Los Angeles County only. 

We recommend that you check the LA County Registrar regularly over the next weeks to see updates.  A link is provided at the bottom of this post.


Gavin Newsom garnered 64.34%


Eleni Kounalakis 63.61%


Dr. Shirley Weber 64.61%


Tony Thurmond 66.09%


Malia Cohen 58.77%


Fiona Ma 63.49%


Rob Bonta 63.60%


Ricardo Lara 64.68%


Alex Padilla 66.13%

UNITED STATES CONGRESS (LA COUNTY) Preliminary Election Results

CD 23 – Jay Obernolte 57.10%

CD 24 – Salud Carbajal 60.7%

CD 25 – Raul Ruiz  64%

CD 26 – Julia Brownley 56.69%

CD 27 – Mike Garcia 56.38%

CD 28 – Judy Chu 66.65%

CD 29 – Tony Cardenas 61.91%

CD 30 – Adam B. Schiff 72.31%

CD 31 – Grace Napolitano 55.86%

CD 32 – Brad Sherman 65.90%

CD 33 – Pete Aguilar 56.8%

CD 34 – Jimmy Gomez 53.02%

CD 35 – Norma Torres 64.08%

CD 36 – Ted W. Lieu 65.93%

CD 37 – Sydney Kamlager 62.07%

CD 38 – Linda Sanchez 54.76%

CD 39 – Mark Takano 59.6%

CD 40 – Asif Mahmood

CD 41 – Will Rollins

CD 42 – Robert Garcia 64.62%

CD 43 – Maxine Waters 74.42%

CD 44 – Nanette Barragan 68.45%

CD 45 – Jay F. Chen 54.81%

Click here to learn about funding for all 52 Congressional Districts and the Senate Seat

LA County Preliminary Election Results November 2022

SD 18 – Steve Padilla

SD 20 – Carolyn Menjivar 54.64%

SD 22 – Susan Rubio 57.09%

SD 24 – Ben Allen 63.47%

SD 26 – Maria Elena Durazo 79.42%

SD 28 – Lola Smallwood-Cuevas 56.70%

SD 30 – Bob Archuleta 58.56%

SD 32 – Brian Nash 

SD 34 – Tom Umberg 51.68%

SD 36 – Kim Carr 53.76%


AD 36 – Eduardo Garcia
AD 37 – Gregg Hart
AD 38 – Steve Bennett
AD 39 – Juan Carillo 56.96%

AD 40 - Suzette Martinez Valladares 53.09%

AD 41 – Chris Holden 63.78%

AD 42 – Jacqui Irwin 60.51%

AD 43 – Luz Maria Rivas 70.92%

AD 44 – Laura Friedman 67.51%

AD 45 – James C. Ramos
AD 46 – Jesse Gabriel 61.54%

AD 47 – Christy Holstege

AD 48 – Blanco Rubio 56.75%

AD 49 – Mike Fong 62.88%

AD 50 – Eloise Gomez Reyes 56%

AD 51 – Rick Chavez Zbur 55.30%

AD 52 – Wendy Carrillo 59.84%

AD 53 – Freddie Rodriguez 65.44%

AD 54 – Miguel Santiago 75.04%

AD 55 – Isaac G. Bryan 80.87%

AD 56 – Lisa Calderon 54.79%

AD 57 – Reggie Jones-Sawyer 100.0%

AD 58 – Sabrina Cervantes 56%

AD 59 – Phillip Chen 72%

AD 60 – Corey A Jackson

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AD 61 – Tina Simone McKinnor 61.35%

AD 62 – Anthony Rendon 63.67%

AD 63 – Fauzia Rizvi

AD 64 - Blanca Pacheco 58.41%

AD 65 - Mike Anthony Gibson 64.54%

AD 66 - Al Muratsuchi 56.52%


The Nov 8, 2022 ballot will include the names of four Supreme Court justices. Retention elections are nonpartisan and there are no opponents. Voters just select “yes” or “no” beside each name. For more information about each candidate click here.

Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court - PATRICIA GUERRERO       73.0%

Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court - GOODWIN LIU            71.36%

Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court - MARTIN J. JENKINS    72.40%

Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court - JOSHUA P. GROBAN    71.10%


Office #1: Ted Gaines 56%

Office #2: Sally J. Lieber 68%

Office #3: Antonio Vasquez 66.65%


District 1 - Hilda Solis

District 3 - Lindsey Horvath 51.82%


Robert Luna  56.78%


Office 60 - Abby Baron 56.68%

Office 67 - Fernanda Maria Barreto 53.71%

Office 70 - Holly L. Hancock 57.76%

Office 90 - Melissa Lyons 59.73%

Office 118 - Melissa Hammond 63.23%

Office 151 - Patrick Hare 58.81%

Los Angeles Mayor

Karen Ruth Bass 53.06%

Los Angeles City Attorney

Hydee Feldstein Soto 57.78%

Los Angeles Controller

Kenneth Mejia  62.22%

Los Angeles City Council

District 5 - Katy Young Yaroslavsky 58.76%

District 11 - Traci Park 53.71%

District 13 - Hugo Soto-Martinez 55.65%

District 15 - Tim Mcosker 65.01%

Los Angeles Board of Education Preliminary Election Results 

District 2 - Rocio Rivas 51.40%

District 6 - Kelly Gonez 51.50%

Los Angeles Community College District Member, Board of Trustees Preliminary Election Results

Seat 2 - Steve Veres  65.57%

Seat 4 - Sara Hernandez 53.41%

Seat 6 - Gabriel Buelna 71.83%

Seat 7 - Kelsey Iino 60.05%

Propositions Preliminary Elections Results

Proposition 1 — Abortion & Contraception - YES 68.72%

CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM. Amends California Constitution to expressly include an individual's fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which includes the fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives.

Proposition 26 — In-Person Sports Betting in Tribal Casinos - NO 66.95%

ALLOWS IN-PERSON ROULETTE, DICE GAMES, SPORTS WAGERING ON TRIBAL LANDS. Also allows: sports wagering at certain horseracing tracks; private lawsuits to enforce certain gambling laws. Directs revenues to General Fund, problem-gambling programs, enforcement. Fiscal Impact: Increased state revenues

Proposition 27 — Online Sports Betting - NO 80.27%

ALLOWS ONLINE AND MOBILE SPORTS WAGERING OUTSIDE TRIBAL LANDS. Allows Indian tribes and affiliated businesses to operate online/ mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands. Directs revenues to regulatory costs, homelessness programs, nonparticipating tribes. Fiscal Impact: Increased state revenues

Proposition 28 — Funding Arts and Music Education - YES 65.60%

PROVIDES ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR ARTS AND MUSIC EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Provides additional funding from state General Fund for arts and music education in all K+12 public schools (including charter schools). Fiscal Impact: Increased state costs of about $1 billion annually, beginning next year,...

Proposition 29 — Kidney Dialysis Clinics - NO 65.62%

REQUIRES ON-SITE LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL ATKIDNEY DIALYSIS CLINICS AND ESTABLISHES OTHER STATE REQUIREMENTS. Requires physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on site during treatment. Requires clinics to: disclose physicians' ownership interests; report infection data. Fiscal Impact:...

Proposition 30 — Income Tax on Millionaires for Electric Cars - NO 60.88%

PROVIDES FUNDING FOR PROGRAMS TO REDUCE AIR POLLUTION AND PREVENT WILDFIRES BY INCREASING TAX ON PERSONAL INCOME OVER $2 MILLION. Allocates tax revenues to zero-emission vehicle purchase incentives, vehicle charging stations, and wildfire prevention. Fiscal Impact: Increased state tax revenue ranging...

Proposition 31 — Yes or No to Banning Flavored Tobacco Products - YES 63.48%

REFERNDUM ON 2020 LAW THAT WOULD PROHIBIT THE RETAIL SALE OF CERTAIN FLAVORED TOBACCO PRODUCTS. A "Yes" vote approves, and a "No" vote rejects, a 2020 law prohibiting retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products. Fiscal Impact: Decreased state tobacco tax revenues ranging from tens of millions of...

Measure A - YES 68.46%

Shall the measure amending the County of Los Angeles Charter to grant the Board of Supervisors authority to remove an elected Sheriff from office for cause, including violation of law related to a Sheriff's duties, flagrant or repeated neglect of duties, misappropriation of funds, and willful falsification of documents.

Measure C - YES 58.88%

Shall the measure enacting a tax in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County on cannabis businesses at annual rates not to exceed $10 per square foot for cultivation (adjusted for inflation) and a percentage of gross receipts for various cannabis businesses, including retail (6 percent).

Measure H - YES 50.27%

Establishes rent control in the City of Pasadena, enacts “just cause” eviction protections to reduce housing displacement, creates an independent rental housing board to preserve affordable housing and implement tenant protections and provides for relocation benefits under certain circumstances.

Measure LH - YES 66.47%

Shall a measure authorizing public entities in the City of Los Angeles to develop, construct, or acquire up to 5,000 additional units of low-income rental housing in each Council District to address homelessness and affordable housing needs, subject to availability of funding and City development requirements,...

Measure SP - NO 64.34%

Shall an ordinance providing funding for parks, recreational centers, pools, playgrounds, waterways, beaches, green spaces, open spaces, childcare and other facilities, and increasing park equity in the City of Los Angeles, through a tax of $0.08414 per square foot on improved parcels, reduced to $0.0222...

Measure ULA - YES 53.56%

Shall an ordinance funding and authorizing affordable housing programs and resources for tenants at risk of homelessness through a 4% tax on sales/transfers of real property exceeding $5 million, and 5.5% on properties of $10 million or more, with exceptions; until ended by voters; generating approximately...

Measure LA - YES 60.36%

To repair/upgrade local community colleges, classrooms, water pipes, sewer/gas lines, technology, science labs for nurses, paramedics, firefighters, veterans; prepare students for jobs/university transfer; remove asbestos, lead paint; acquire, construct, repair facilities, sites, equipment.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY REGISTRAR -- please check here for more results.  The results in this post are preliminary.  The data presented here was tabulated less than 24 hours after the polls closed.  It is incomplete. Keep checking. The leader of the close races could change. Please check here for updates from the LA Country Registrar and the California Secretary of State.

Included in this report are races called by the Associated Press as reported by the New York Times.