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Larry Elder … Meet India Walton

Ted Vaill: If Newsom does not get 50% plus one vote of those voters who say “NO” to the recall, one of the 46 candidates who have declared in the recall race will become Governor.

California voters are about a week from receiving their ballots in the recall election involving Governor Gavin Newsom; Election Day itself is a little over a month away. And most California voters don’t even know what a “recall”is all about.

In 2003, Democratic Governor Gray Davis was recalled, and Republican actor-turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor, even though he received less than 50% of the vote. With currently over a 2-1 deficit in registered voters, the California Republicans saw the recall as the only way they can win a statewide office in this deep blue state. And the recall election will cost about $275 million of our taxpayer money. If Newsom does not get 50% plus one vote of those voters who say “NO” to the recall, one of the 46 candidates who have declared in the recall race will become Governor.

If Newsom does not get 50% plus one vote of those voters who say “NO” to the recall, one of the 46 candidates who have declared in the recall race will become Governor.

Of these 46, nine are Democrats (none of whom you have ever heard of); 24 are Republicans; two are unknown Green Party members, one is a Riverside Supervisor Libertarian; and 10 nonentities have stated no party preference (including Malibu’s own pink lady, Angelyne, who ran in 2003). I will discuss six of the Republicans, one of whom would become Governor for a year (until next year’s election, regarding which Governor Newsom has announced he will run for reelection, win or lose in the recall).

One of the prospective candidates who decided not to run was porn star Mary Carey, who also ran in 2003, whose announced campaign slogan in 2021 would have been “I laid down in 2003, but in 2021 I will be on top”. Too bad she decided not to run.

Here are the major Republican candidates:

Larry Elder. A 69 year old black talk radio personality, he has never run for or been elected to anything. He is an extreme right wing Republican, and an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. Here are his political positions:

  • he favors a $0.00 minimum wage;
  • he is critical of public-sector labor unions, and favors charter schools;
  • he believes that Roe v Wade should be overturned;
  • he has a history of making anti-LGBT remarks;
  • he opposes gun control;
  • he strongly supports the police;
  • he opposes COVID-19 vaccine requirements, face mask requirements, or regular testing, for California government workers;
  • he does not believe that human activity is the cause of climate change;
  • he wants to suspend the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); and
  • he refuses to provide the tax return information required of candidates.

In other words, he is the perfect right wing Republican candidate. He currently has the support of 18% of likely voters.

Kevin Faulconer. He is a 54-year-old former mayor of San Diego (2014-2020), after serving on the San Diego City Council from 2006-2014. He claims to have fiscally conservative and socially liberal views. He initially supported Marco Rubio for President in 2016, but ultimately voted for Donald Trump. He vetoed a bill increasing the minimum wage in San Diego in 2014, but his veto was overridden. He tried to keep the Chargers in San Diego, but lost a ballot measure to pay for a new stadium. He is the only recall candidate who might be able to run the state, as he actually has had experience running something.

John Cox. 66 years old, he is a businessman, attorney, developer, and perennial candidate for office (when he lived in Illinois). Cox takes credit for the financial turnaround of a Chicago potato chip firm, but its owners sued Cox for financial misconduct in 1998, which led to Cox paying a $1.7 million settlement in 1999. He became a resident of Rancho Santa Fe in 2011. Endorsed by Trump for Governor in 2018, he reportedly contributed $4.4 million to his own campaign, but lost to Newsom by about 24%. In 2021, he has campaigned with a Kodiak bear, branding himself “the beast”, running against “the beauty”. He opposes abortion and gay rights, and supports a border wall. He is again self-funding. He is “yesterday’s news”, a confirmed loser.

Douglas Ose. Also 66 years old, he served as a Congressman from the Sacramento area from 1999 to 2005. After several losing efforts to get back into politics, he is now using his wealth from real estate investments to run for governor. A long shot.

Kevin Kiley. 36-year-old GOP Assemblymember Kevin Kiley has declared his candidacy. He has written a book on the recall, and is endorsed by lead recall organizer Orrin Heatlie. He represents an area north and east of Sacramento, and says he supported then Ohio Governor John Kasich in the 2016 election, the same year he was elected to the Assembly. Another long shot, in the race to get future name recognition.

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Caitlyn Jenner. Now 71, he/she has six children with three wives, but came out as trans in April 2015, and now wants to be the first female governor of California. For the past month or so, she has been competing in the Australian program Big Brother, so her campaign has not been seen as a serious one, but she does have name recognition. She is also probably the only candidate for governor who has killed someone, as a result of a rear-ender automobile accident in Malibu which resulted in the car she hit being propelled into a head-on collision on PCH; she was not charged. Has 3% of likely voters supporting her.

Black People Need a Leftist Movement

India Walton

The saga of India Walton

Buffalo, New York is a Rust Belt city adjoining Canada on the opposite side of the state from New York City. Four-term black Mayor Byron Brown ran for reelection in June 2021 in the Democratic primary, and amazingly lost his bid for reelection to unknown “Democratic Socialist” India Walton. The GOP did not even run a candidate in this heavily Democratic city (Democrats outnumber Republicans 7-1).

India Walton is a 38-year-old black woman, who grew up in the projects of Buffalo, had a baby at age 14, dropped out of high school, but later got a GED diploma about the same time as she gave birth to twin boys. She went on to graduate from a two-year community college, became a school nurse, but quit to become a “community activist”. She won the primary with the vote of a little over 7% of the registered voters in Buffalo.

Who is India? She has no government experience of any kind, and is a total blank slate. The local newspapers have dug into her background, and discovered that she was convicted of receiving an excessive amount of food stamps and paid a fine, had some back taxes problems, was stopped for driving with a suspended license resulting in a penalty, was convicted of harassing someone whom she claimed was bullying her, and lived with a convicted drug dealer whom their landlord claimed was dealing drugs out of their rental apartment. Walton denied this, claiming that her opponents were “weaponizing my experiences against me”.

Mayor Brown has announced that he will wage a write-in campaign to be reelected mayor in the November general election, with the slogan: “Write down, Byron Brown”.

Buffalo Republicans like rabid Trumpster and developer Carl Paladino have nowhere to go, and despite his past racist comments, Paladino is rallying Buffalo business leaders to endorse Mayor Brown, urging Brown to destroy the “Communist” Walton. Brown wants nothing to do with Paladino.

The Erie County Democratic Party has begun to distance itself from its initial support of Walton, isolating her and her campaign. The leading local paper, the Buffalo News, has opined that the mayoralty “is not an entry-level job” and that allowing an “inexperienced and self-proclaimed Democratic socialist” to become mayor would be “irresponsible”. The Buffalo City Council is also exploring a strategy of eliminating the mayoralty altogether, having Buffalo run by a city manager appointed by the Council.

Another issue has just developed: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will be resigning later in August, and Democrat Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, a Buffalo resident, will become governor. What relationship will Governor Hochul have with Mayor Walton if both of them assume office? Will Buffalo continue to get the funds that Gov. Cuomo has showered on Buffalo over the past decade to help the city emerge from its past status as a prime example of a “Rust Belt” city?

Is California Like Buffalo?

By September 15, we should know if Governor Newsom will remain in office. It all depends on whether his party can motivate California Democrats and Independents to check the “NO” box on their ballot and mail it back or drop it off before September 14, or go to the polls on that date and do the same. It seems like a simple task, but many Californians are now on vacation or are getting their children ready for school in this COVID-19 era, and have other things to worry about.

However, should Newsom lose, and a GOP governor take office, and should 88-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein die, resign or retire from office over the next year, the new Republican governor could appoint a Republican Senator to take her place, turning the Senate into a 51-49 Republican majority and returning “Moscow Mitch” McConnell to the position of Majority Leader.


Another development is that the California Constitution states that an election to choose a successor to a recalled governor must be held “if appropriate”. However, the Constitution already provides that “The lieutenant governor shall become governor when a vacancy occurs in the office of governor”. The Lieutenant Governor is a Democrat, Eleni Kounalakis, who is close to Governor Newsom. In 2003, the Lieutenant Governor, Cruz Bustamente, was himself a candidate to replace Governor Gray Davis, and lost to Schwarzenneger. The issue did not come up.

It is certain that Newsom would turn to the courts to determine if he can be replaced by a member of the Republican “clown show” running against him in the recall election. This could keep Newsom in office well into next year, a year in which he will be running for reelection anyway.

The answer, in both California and Buffalo, is simple: VOTE!

Ted Vaill