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It is now up to Latinos to save the country. In the same way that our forebearers fought for the country as a bloody downpayment on the futures we now live so must we now do all that it takes to protect the Constitution from the bayonets and cannon fire of fear and improvised explosive devices and assault rifles of fascism.

latinos oppose trump

Latinos to the Rescue?—Mario Solis-Marich

The immigrants in our community are clearly the tool being used to raise the ire of an unhappy electorate and Trump hopes that he can divide “us” from “them”.

Trump’s acceptance speech was designed to make the entire Latino community the scapegoat for the predictable results of a conservative ideology that has refused to increase wages for workers. Latinos are to be the blame for the GOP’s refusal to support the restructuring of our country's economy that has been transformed by technological advancements and stunted by tax policies that reward the illness of hoarding over healthy reinvestment and growth. Latinos are to be made to pay for the social unrest that has been born of the redlining of opportunity that has been a rope around the neck of our nation's inner city youth.

The immigrants in our community are clearly the tool being used to raise the ire of an unhappy electorate and Trump hopes that he can divide “us” from “them”. However we cannot make the mistake of thinking that the “deportation forces” that Trump promises will only arrest those that are here without documentation. We cannot make the error in believing that the property confiscation that would surely ensue in the wake of such jackboots would only take fruit carts and ignore the hard fought for homes and businesses of any and all of us in their muddy path.

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Eisenhower's “Operation Wetback” wreaked havoc in Latino communities as property was taken from American citizens of Latino descent while they themselves were shipped to a country they had never known. Do we really believe that in an age of statistically proven racial profiling by authorities that “deportation forces” would not be a total unmitigated disaster for our entire community?

For the last few presidential elections Latinos have played an important role. Because our country elects a President state by state, no GOP candidate can win the White House without at least 40% of the Latino vote.


This year we must organize ourselves and make sure that we deny the Presidency to fascism and save our country from its onslaught. This is not the time to play out our growing grudge against the political “establishment”. There will be time to correct those issues in the near future. This is a time to unite our community’s forces and insure that the values that our forbearers fought for are not dismantled by the egoism and petulance of fascism and the violent forces of the police state that it inevitably brings. It is up to Latinos to save our beloved country.

Mario Solis-Marich