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Election 2020 in the Land of Oz

[dc]“D[/dc]o you suppose we’ll meet any wild animals?” Dorothy asks. “We might,” answers Tin Man, “mostly lions and tigers and bears.” That wasn’t Dorothy’s preferred answer of choice. So Dorothy, Tin Man, and Scarecrow skip gingerly down The Yellow Brick Road. “Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!”

That scene from The Wizard of Oz is from 1939. Eighty-one years later, the picture hasn’t changed. Election 2020 is full of Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Here’s why.

We see all three on our Yellow Brick Road. They’ve always been there, too. They’re just more noticeable these days, Lions especially.

Lions. Kings of the Jungle, these Lions are. Some are Red, others are Blue, and each species has lots of ‘pride’ (if you get what I mean). Unlike years ago, Cowardly they’re not! Their quest? It’s to regale in the status of KING, something that requires protecting territory and adding new ground. It’s a laborious undertaking, too. Going door-to-door, collecting ‘food’ ($), and Zooming-in to spec new hunting ground. And some Lions sit at savanna’s edge waiting to pounce on unfriendly Lions. It’s a war of Followers, Likes, Shares, and (Oh, Dorothy!) how about those C O M M E N T S!!! ROAR!

Tigers. Tigers are uber-political, too, but not always in the conventional political party sense. Issue politics is their game. Engaging passionately and with laser-focused attentiveness, Tigers are on the hunt, dedicated to ‘the cause.’ Rarely working alone, Tigers hunt in groups—rightfully called ‘an ambush.’ They organize, gather data, take positions, and make pronouncements. Authentic and well-informed, Tigers don’t tolerate B.S., aren’t duped, and call-out hypocrisy. You had better know your stuff when interacting with Tigers. Otherwise, you’ll be eaten alive!

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Bears. Lumbering along—hibernating for extended periods—Bears don’t seem invested in Election 2020 … at least so it seems. Being circumspect is the option of choice. Bears know that speaking out carries risk—in the workplace, among friends, and with family, too—so they engage judiciously. With nary a Donkey nor Elephant on their Yellow Brick Road, they’re happy to engage in non-political pursuits. And what a plus that is in an Election Year! So if a political pause is what you seek, it’s hard to Trump the companion of Bears. They offer an excellent way to Bide(N) your time between now and Election Day.

Crossovers. In the 1939 Land of Oz, Dorothy and friends experienced crossover animals. Kalidahs hadbodies like bears and heads like tigers. There are hybrids in today’s Land of Oz, too. Litigs (a Lion-Tiger cross) are quite common these days. They do such good work, too.

Well, that was mostly for fun, but there’s some truth in it, too. What’s it all mean? Years ago, Dorothy viewed Lions, Tigers, and Bears equivalently—fearful of all three. But they aren’t all the same in today’s Land of Oz. Lions are party-active. Tigers focus on issues. Bears keep to themselves.

We see all three on our Yellow Brick Road. They’ve always been there, too. They’re just more noticeable these days, Lions especially. Oh, my!


Frank Fear