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What: Winograd to Kick Off Campaign for Harman's Vacated Seat
When: Saturday, Feb. 26, 10 am
Where: In front of Fox Drug of Torrance (Old Town), 1327 El Prado, Torrance, 90501

Marcy Wingrad Jobs not Wars

Marcy Winograd, a veteran high school teacher and anti-war activist, will announce her candidacy in the June 2011 Special Election in California's 36th congressional district race.

In the recent June, 2010, Democratic Party primary, Winograd received 41% of the vote against now-resigning representative Jane Harman.

Says Winograd, "Our platform, then and now, is Jobs, Not Wars. Each week we spend 2-billion taxpayer dollars on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, while people at home are suffering without adequate jobs, housing, or health care. In Congress, I will fight to put people back to work in productive ways and to protect our social safety net from corporate greed and war profiteering."

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Winograd adds, "Now is the time to join the international call for greater democracy, and to restore the people's voice to the people's House."

The founder of Progressive Democrats of America's Los Angeles chapter, Winograd calls herself "the true progressive" in the race. An educator for fifteen years, Winograd teaches English at Crenshaw High School in South Los Angeles, where she engages her students in civics, journalism, and debate.

Says Winograd, "I am not a career politician, jumping ship in search of a better opportunity. I am a long-time community organizer, rooted in the labor and peace movements. I am here to serve."