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Somebody at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters in Frankfort, the state capital, changed that sign that drives Matt Bevin batty.

Matt Bevin Taxes


Bevin is the GOP gubernatorial hopeful. His Democratic opponent is Attorney Gen. Jack Conway.

Bevin is bonkers over the sign.

“WE CAN’T TRUST MATT BEVIN,” it first said. When Bevin spied it, he stopped near the sign and made a video ridiculing the message.

The Dems made fun of Bevin for getting so riled that he made fun of the message. They also changed it to challenge, “WE STILL CAN’T TRUST MATT BEVIN.”

The new message made Bevin so mad that he went inside the headquarters to complain.

No sooner did Bevin leave than David Bergstein, the KDP PR guy, batted out a news release, quoting KDP Chair Patrick Hughes: “We would be happy to chat with Bevin about his refusal to release his tax returns, his failure to pay his taxes, his lies about his positions on critical issues and his chronic dishonesty which has led even Republicans to call him a ‘Pathological Liar’ and an ‘East Coast Con Man.’”

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Bevin’s apparent obsession with the sign made national news, doubtless pleasing Bergstein, Hughes and the other KDP bigwigs. Bevin “went into Democrat Party Headquarters and screamed at a secretary,” Politico reported.

Come on, Politico, it's “Democratic" HQ, not the Joe McCarthyesque “Democrat” HQ.

berry craig

Anyway, Bevin, the native New Englander, must have read Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick, the story of a peg-legged ship captain with a whale fixation.

Capt. Ahab has lost a leg in a close encounter of the worst kind with Moby, who is his obsession. Bevin, er, Ahab, sees the Democrats, sorry, the whale, as the incarnation of evil. Ahab will sail the seven seas, no matter how tempest-tossed or otherwise perilous, to stick a harpoon in his tormentor.

In the end, Moby sinks Ahab's ship and sends the captain and everybody aboard to Davy Jones' locker except for Ishmael, the teller of the tale.

Sam Youngman, the Lexington Herald-Leader's political writer, called Bevin's invasion of Democratic HQ "ill-advised and jaw dropping." Politico called his whole campaign "stumbling."

Berry Craig

The Democrats' sign seems a sign of the times for Bevin. A trio of polls suggest he might be headed Davey Jones' way. He was up by three in June, down by three in July and now down by five.

Berry Craig