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Today is Dia de las Madres; it is always on the 10th of May, which coincidentally is my wife’s wedding anniversary. We all know that a wedding is only for women, men do not care. Stand up, pay up, shut up, go home—that is the rule of a wedding day for men.

Mother’s Day is a different ball of wax. One must go to the altar of motherhood and, if your mother, is alive deliver all kinds of gifts. If your wife is a mother, then it is your obligation to make sure that the kid(s) do their job of being at the altar of motherhood.

Since my wife’s anniversary is on Mexico’s Mother’s Day, it is all on Tomas to do the right thing.

If the day is a failure, it is his fault. Much like the way the Republicants dealt with the Trump candidacy.

It is so much fun watching the Republicants trying to run away from Trump now. Let’s face it, Trump is a payaso (clown).

It is so much fun watching the Republicants trying to run away from Trump now. Let’s face it, Trump is a payaso (clown). The circus started and the 17 payasos refused to repudiate Trumps racism, sexism etc. etc. The reason was simple. They figured that the left-wing media would do the job for them. All this time the left-wing media figured that the Republicants who were running for office would take him down and call him out for all his outrageous statements. We all know Republicants are cowards. They are too afraid to say what the rest of America knew—that Trump is only an entertainer. He is a clown in his clown car and his clown show.

Now, unfortunately, they lost the chance to put a real candidate, like Kasich who is a reasonable man, for a Republicant. Now, they will run in a circle jerk until they come to support Trump. They have no option but to support him. If he wins, they can claim it was due to them. If he loses, they can say, hey, we did everything we could.

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We know this as campaigners: Republicants vote for the Republicant candidate 95% of the time, no matter who is running. Donald Duck, Donald Trump—same effect: They drink the Republicant tea and pull the handle.

This fact now is driving the left-wing news crews like Rachael Maddow's crazy. The left-wing media expected that the right-wing voters would show some common sense and ignore Strumpet. Intelligent analysts know that Republicants won’t vote for a Democrat no matter what.

Seems someone didn’t get the memo.

So, just like the father who forgot about Mexican Mother’s Day, the Republicants are in big trouble and so are the Democrats.

Trump is a snake. He deserves to be treated like what he is. The only way to kill a snake is to cut off its head. The Do Nothing Committee needs to step up to the plate and fund voter turnout for Mexican Americans, Koreans, Chinese Americans, and the Vietnamese. I know there many groups that will cry I left them out. But let’s face it these are the first-generation American citizens. 80% of Latinos in America are Mexican American. Get them, you win. Lose them. You lose.

Stop saying stupid stuff, like not supporting free college education for children. Say instead, of course, we are going to pay for it just like the GI Bill. The payback is ten to one. And America can march forward instead of treading water.


Don’t screw up Mexican Mother’s Day, Democrats. Go get the Latina vote and win the election.

Steven J Ybarra JD
Negro y Blanco©