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We are a hopelessly divided society, emotions are at a fever pitch and the temperature is rising by the hour. With the coronation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court all eyes will focus upon the upcoming midterm elections. The damage inflicted upon our nation in the first two years of the Trump Era is staggering and certain to be with us for many years to come. The only way to remedy it will be massive turnout in next month’s midterm elections. Nothing short of the viability of our democracy is at stake.

midterm elections

First, we have an illegitimate, corrupt and likely criminal President. He flaunts it before us on a daily basis, with ignorance, braggadocio, crude mocking, provocative taunting, and massive deflection on a constant basis. He is cult-like and has managed to convert Republican leadership en masse to drink the Kool-aid. The more outrageous he is, the more energized his base becomes. Quite simply, there is only straight-edge, short-term political strategy with no pretense of unifying the nation.

Second, we have slinked backwards a half-century or more to a time when women are expected to know their place with respect to men, namely they are to serve in a subservient manner. He objectifies women, he grabs them whenever and wherever he pleases and he demeans their experiences with respect to sexual harassment and harassment in general. Yet there is no track record that gender indignation will result in a dramatic turnaround. It remains to be seen if such indignation rears its head in the upcoming midterm elections.

Trump either is incapable of discerning fact from fiction, or truth from lies, and wanders wildly from positions that contradict any notion of visionary thinking.

Third, he either is incapable of discerning fact from fiction, or truth from lies, and wanders wildly from positions that contradict any notion of visionary thinking. He is a man-child hopelessly engulfed in a position of power to which he is supremely unqualified to occupy. The dangers he presents to an anxious and unsettled world place humanity in the crosshairs of global catastrophe, either militarily or economically or even both.

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Fourth, he represents the apex of corruption that has robbed the American people of their faith and confidence in our leaders and institutions and hence infused society with a sense of hopelessness that ripples through generations. Notions of integrity, honesty, civility and statesmanship have vanished from our collective vocabulary and been stashed on the trash heap of quaint expressions of a bygone era. It is essential that we recapture and promote those values that are critical components of a free society.

Fifth, the rise of tribalism, white nationalism, intolerance, and reversal on the importance of diversity to a growing, functioning democracy as exemplified in this Administration’s performance on immigration and border issues represents a stain on the very building blocks of our nation. Building walls, either physically or metaphorically, represents a rejection of everything this nation purports to stand for. It is as if we have taken a high powered sand blaster to the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.

Finally, the corruption of our values, so prevalent in the Executive and Legislative branches of government, will shortly permeate the Judicial branch, effectively completing a mind-numbing takeover of the republican experiment in democracy so carefully crafted by our founding fathers. The autocratic catering and proclivities of our Commander-in-Chief are gaining strength with each hostile takeover that closes a long chapter in representative government. Total control of the three branches of government is as dangerous to our nation as terrorism.

Whether there is enough resistance to the collapse of our republic remains a huge question. In another month we will find out. This is no time to throw up our hands and bemoan that all is lost. Instead we must garner the strength to say, enough, enough, we want our freedom back, we want to not only restore the values that are quickly slipping away but we want to move forward in strengthening and building upon those values.


Lance Simmens