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[dc]"M[/dc]oscow Mitch" McConnell is making a ton of money for the Kentucky Democratic Party.

Moscow Mitch

A cool half-million in a tad over two weeks.

Since it opened early this month, a KDP webstore has sold $500,00 worth of "Moscow Mitch" themed merchandise including bright red buttons, stickers, tee-shirts, brown fake-fur Russian-style hats, shot glasses, Moscow Mule mugs and foam can covers.

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Moscow Mitch

Each item features the Senate majority leader decked out in a Russian fur hat with a hammer-and-sickle superimposed on a GOP elephant. They all come with a "Just say nyet! to Moscow Mitch" entreaty.

In the webstore ad, the fur hat is shown crowning a bust of what looks suspiciously like George Washington.

“There’s no comparison between the Father of Our Country and Moscow Mitch,” said the KDP's Nicole Erwin said. “It certainly provides a clear contrast: Mitch McConnell doesn’t care about the coal miners or any of the working families here in Kentucky.”

McConnell, Kentucky's longest-tenured senator ever, is up for reelection next year. So far, two Democrats want to take him on, both Marine veterans: Amy McGrath, who lost a congressional race last year, and farmer Mike Broihier.


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