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Do New York Primary Again!

Stephen Fox: Please sign this petition asking NY Attorney General Schneiderman to file for a Federal Order that the New York primary be repeated.

This disgraceful primary election had unprecedented disenfranchisements of up to 200,000 African Americans and Hispanics in Brooklyn and the Bronx, plus the kind of computer manipulations depicted in "Uncounted Votes: the New Math of American Elections." Watch it, to understand how Elections are stolen. Here is the petition.

New York Primary

Do New York Primary Again!—Stephen Fox

Please sign this petition asking NY Attorney General Schneiderman to file for a Federal Order that New York's primary be repeated. 1370 people have signed, asking for a "redress of grievances," from that hallowed line in the 1791 First Amendment. States with documented rampant irregularities, should ask for Writs of Mandamus are granted. Why no paper ballots in Pennsylvania? I saw before and after screen shots of an entire county in Delaware being "flipped."

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Americans waited for the Supreme Court to rule on those still doubtful hanging chads in Florida, when the Bush I appointees gave the White House to Bush II. We will wait again for primaries to be done with no hijacking of votes, no "flipping" and computer manipulations, and no massive disenfranchisements. These atrocious abuses cannot be fixed without being done over with scrutiny, observers and forensic experts examining every machine. Our Democracy is at stake.


Stephen Fox