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In recent days, Newt Gingrich -- or as I like to call him, “Newtron” -- has lobbed a campaign bomb at President “O”bama designed to inflame the Mexican American community and its Latino cousins. He has recently been joined by “Sanatorium” and "John Boner" in this attack on the U.S. Constitution.

newt gingrich

Newtron alleges that the big “O” has designs on destruction of the Catholic Church by requiring it to sell insurance to Gays, lesbians and other socially “unacceptable” individuals of other religions and reprobates who do not meet his definition of a good Catholic person. In addition, oh yes, he does not believe the Church should be required to follow the law by issuing health insurance that covers contraceptives! He believes American “Catlickers” want to play monthly roulette about pregnancy or as I call the child, Chevrolet!

Newtron signals the beginning of this war by asking people to go and talk to the “Bishops” and hear for themselves that the Catholic Church is being destroyed by these edicts. Wait, ask the BISHOPS!?! The people who allowed priests to rape and sodomize us and our children, and allowed nuns to beat us and our children in schools? Many of these Bishops knowingly allowed criminals to be transferred to new parishes and out of the country as need be to protect them from our legal and criminal system. Newtron wants us to ask the people who denied that the secular law applied to their sodomites!?! Oh, I get it. It is the old double standard. “The law only applies the way I want it to apply!” When it comes to money and the Church is paying for silence, the secular law does not apply.

Sadly, along with wanting to imprison judges who disagree with his view of the Constitution, Newtron also wants Americans to ignore the separation of church and state. This country was founded on one basic premise -- that the President of the United States would not be the head of the “Church of the United States”….something that apparently Newtron now wants to establish. As an historian, he should know that John Williams (Puritan) got the first charter from England to establish a secular commonwealth. That very charter became the basis for the United States Constitution.

steve ybarra and family

Author with son Steven Jr. and wife Jessica

Moreover, he wants all “Christian” churches to receive Federal funds and have the right to discriminate against any person in violation of the 13th, 14th and 1st amendments in order that these churches are able to continue their historic discrimination against anything and anyone that doesn’t fit the mold of what a “Christian” church finds acceptable. I guess Newtron does not realize that there are bunches of Christo fascists out there who don’t recognize Catholicism as “Christian”. These same people don’t recognize Mormonism as an offshoot of the basic beliefs of Christianity. (It is, after all, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…looks pretty Christian to this Buddhist.)

Let us go back to the issue of federal funding and the separation of church and state (and, no, President Jefferson was not a Christian. If anything he was a deist). Do your homework. Jefferson did not believe in the almighty god who watches over us and controls our lives. You should really read the Jefferson bible someday.

However, I digress, so by example let me make my point. My wife and I adopted a beautiful baby boy newborn. You can see him on my Facebook page. He is the joy of my old age -- Social Security and all.

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I was concerned that he would grow up without the benefit of brothers and/or sisters, so I went to the Latter Day Saints’ family services offices and inquired if they did adoptions for non-Mormons. The answer was a succinct, “NO”. I was not offended and proceeded to try other places. (We are still waiting, so if you have a newborn, I would love to give my son a sibling.)

The point is this, unlike the example that Newtron shot out there, about how Catholic social services had to close their adoption offices because the big “O” made them stop discriminating against gays and Lesbians, the Mormons simply don’t take federal money and get to keep true to whatever ideals they have. We are not saying that the Catlickers do not get to be racist sexist homophobes. Au contraire; we are saying they just cannot be paid by my tax dollars to be racist sexist homophobes!

This is not about the Catholic Church or any other “Christian” church, it is about riling up the Mexicans and other Catholic Latinos against the Obama presidency.

Newtron and the others know they has no legal ground to stand on. The Constitution is clear about the secular nature of American law.

We do not swear on the constitution to uphold the bible. We may or may not take an oath on a Bible or some other book to uphold the Constitution.

Newtron thinks he is a demigod, plain and simple. However, he is truly a fearmonger in the worst sense. He wants to defeat Obama and will take any path to do so. If Newtron thinks that we as Mexican Americans and Latinos are so shallow as to fall for this trick, then wait until November when the “Republicants” get less than 10 percent of our vote. Keep in mind they only got 15% last time.

steve ybarra

So it is now “Mittens’ ” time to take the gloves off and make the Republican Party one of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, not Himmler and Goebbels.

We know that if you really want to protect one’s right to religious freedom, one needs to be a Democrat -- because the current Republicants won’t do it.

Steve Ybarra