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It is time for an update to the list of Obama accomplishments. This is based on an older list by David Phillips and a recent one by Obama WILL Be ReElected In 2012. Many more accomplishments may be found at

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What Republican that would have done all (or any) of the following?


  • Came out in support of gay marriage.
  • Repealed DADT
  • Refused to defend DOMA.
  • Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law.
  • Expanded hate crime law.
  • Sued states for their horrendous immigration laws.


  • Implemented a broad middle class tax break (Making Work Pay).
  • Passed the payroll tax cut for working people.
  • Extended the payroll tax cut for working people.
  • Passed tax cuts for small businesses.
  • Passed stimulus that saved and created jobs.
  • Extended unemployment benefits.
  • Extended unemployment benefits.
  • Extended unemployment benefits.
  • Extended unemployment benefits.
  • Extended unemployment benefits.
  • Extended unemployment benefits.
  • Extended unemployment benefits. Yes, Obama did this at least seven times.
  • Saved the American auto industry.
  • Passed consumer credit protections.
  • Passed any sort of Financial Reform.
  • Produced fewer private-sector job losses in his first year than we had in the previous year.
  • Oversaw creation of over 4 million private-sector jobs since then (thanks to many of the bills above).



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  • Cut prescription costs for Medicare recipients.
  • 80% of insurance premiums must be used for providing direct medical care, not profit.
  • Eliminated exclusions for preexisting conditions (partially in effect now, more coming soon).
  • Eliminated rescissions (insurance cancellation) for being sick.
  • Eliminated annual and lifetime limits on insurance.
  • Independent appeals processes if you are denied coverage.
  • Added coverage for preventive services.
  • Allowed young adults to remain on the parents' policies.
  • Insurance subsidies for the poor coming soon.
  • Insurance subsidies for small businesses coming soon.
  • Insurance shopping through the insurance exchange coming soon.
  • Additional employer-provided insurance coming soon.


  • Signed a Food Safety bill into law.
  • Issued an executive order repealing the Bush Stem Cell Research restrictions.


  • Appointed two liberal justices to the Supreme Court.
  • Appointed 30 confirmed appeals court judges.


  • Presided over withdrawal from Iraq.
  • Started the draw down in Afghanistan.
  • Ended "enhanced interrogation" (torture).
  • Extended the START Treaty, reducing the threat of nuclear weapons.
  • Got Bin Laden.
  • Got Gaddafi without get us directly involved in hostilities.
  • Kept us out of hostilities in Syria. 

Richard M. Mathews


Richard M. Mathews is a Regional Vice Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and Vice President of the North Valley Democratic Club. He is a member of the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party serving on CDP's Legislation Committee. Richard has been honored as a 2011 LACDP Democrat of the Year and a 2008 Volunteer of the Year for the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley. He is the Senior System Architect for Radian Memory Systems in Calabasas, CA, where he designs computer components that are proudly built in the USA.