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A head full of fears has no space for dreams. - Unknown...

Fearful Older Democrats, When Did You Give Up?—Wayne Williams

Fearful Older Democrats, When Did You Give Up?—Wayne Williams

I’ve been astounded by the reaction of some of my Democratic friends, nearly all in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who seem to have given up on even considering we can have a positive, liberal future for our country.

They have bought into the ‘it can’t be done’ meme driven by the current leadership of the Democratic Party, that the corporate main stream media continues to harp. That being, if you don’t vote for the moderate conservative funded by corporate, banking and GMO institutions you will lose to the likes of a reality TV entertainer or a religious fanatic from the radical right.

The thinking is as follows. You have to fight big money with big money, you must understand that the people don’t get out and vote, that talk of social progressive change is impossible and that the Republicans own the south and the heartland because of gerrymandering.

When did you stop dreaming and become so consumed by a for profit corporate media that rarely if ever gives light to the issues really pressing the fabric of our lives?

Fearful older Democrats, when did you give up? When did you stop fighting for what you know are the lifelong core values of the Democratic Party? When did you stop dreaming and become so consumed by a for profit corporate media that rarely if ever gives light to the issues really pressing the fabric of our lives? Oh, I know, McGovern, the Southern Strategy, you have to fight money with money… how’s that been working for you? Not so well is it?

You all went to public schools for free, you all had reasonable low-cost medial care when you were growing up. You all lived with stability and confidence your future would be bright. Now that you have it, and others can’t, do you just give up and say it’s no longer possible for everyone else? Or at best, it might happen if we are just patient enough.

Which brings us to incremental change, another meme perspective of older Democrats. They say we can’t move quickly, we need a steady hand we can trust. Really? Having a black President was substantial change and it happened on one day in November 2008. Where were you pushing and demanding more change after that? Demanding your party get money out of politics? Demanding civil rights for those imprisoned for pot possession, for the countless attacks on unarmed Blacks and Latino minorities gunned down by police? How about the school shooting massacres? How about the destruction of unions while jobs were sent overseas? How about terrible trade agreements destroying whole cities?

How effective will the incremental change you want be at fixing problems like global warming where the planet is heating up faster than scientists ever expected? Those failures to act will now cost trillions more to fix if it is possible at all to do so.

It all comes back down to fear. You are safe in your homes right now, others are taking the brunt of your inability to recognize the significance of our human dilemma and you think being in bed with those with the most to lose is somehow going to get change to happen -- is going to somehow be safer and wiser? Seriously?

You are delusional, and the younger generation knows it. They see the future that can be, and know bold action is required. They know there isn’t much time left to act.

They do not trust the current institution of politics that marginalizes their lives while it protects those who pay for the politicians who are in power now. Both in the parties and in government. They no longer trust the media to be unbiased and newsworthy. They rightly see a propaganda machine built to keep social progress and economic prosperity encased in the hands of those who control the reigns of power.

They are no longer watching your news or listening to your politicians who are bought and paid for. They are more aware than you realize, more concerned than you ever were, perhaps even more fatalistic, but they are not standing by. They are standing up, speaking out and showing up. And they are like me, astounded by your fear.

They know the future for them is limited when the current Party front runners are funded by anyone but the people. They know their future will change dramatically based on how and if they vote. They have come to the conclusion that a man who runs for President who only takes small donations, no super pac support and speaks truth to power his entire life is the only candidate they will support. They know that multiple states have managed to have elections of dubious outcome making it seems their candidate can not possibly win. And they know that supporting the malmble so called moderate pretender is a waste of time.

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They understand shock and awe. Although civil rights and LGBT rights have been fought for for decades, it took just a few years at most to flip the direction. When people wake up and demand change it happens quickly and they are willing to not show up for a broken system if they are not given a real choice between Progressive and radical right. They know the risks are already significant and that failure to win will still bring on failure with the moderate go slow choice.

When you were their age, you believed and had dreams of fairness, good government, honest business, civil discourse and truth. They have dreams of a government not corrupted by money but responsive only to the people. They have dreams of a planet that is livable for all life on earth. They have dreams of financial stability and economic fairness for everyone.

So I ask again. When did you give up on that dream? When, and why?

What you are not hearing on the corporate news is how younger voters and independent voters will come out for Bernie Sanders.... But not likely for Hillary, because it is a matter of trust over fear.

Stop being so weak and meek! Dare to be young again. Dare to dream of a brighter tomorrow, where we spend our treasure on rebuilding our communities, our cities, our states and not building weapons of war and giving more tax breaks to those that already have to much.

Primaries are for supporting your dreams, general elections are for choosing the lesser of two evils.

This time it does not have to be that way.

Stop! Wake up! Dare to dream of a future where peoples voices matter and not those of talking heads who tell you what can’t be done. We know the future is only possible when we demand it happen.

When did you give up on that? When will you start to dream again of a world you imagined for everyone.


When will you join the rest of us and demand that future. It is time to vote for your conscience and ideals.

Feel the Bern!

Wayne Williams