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Palin Hits SNL; Rebuttal Rap

Credit where it's due, what little Sarah Palin did on last night's Saturday Night Live was funny, and who knew the Lipsticked Pitbull could groove like that? All the mav'ricks in the house put your hands up, indeed.


Naturally, I had to answer back to that well-delivered rap that Amy Poehler did. (We heart Amy!) Here it is.

She's Sarah Palin, gov'nor of A-K…
No matter her failings, things just go her way.
She hates moose and wolves and polar bears,
If you mess with her, First Dude Todd is there.
She says she's for America, but don't you see..
She's been palling around with the A-I-P
She'll do what she wants - doesn't care if it's fair.
She'll even whip up racists … 'cos they are everywhere!
All the mav'ricks in the house, put your hands up.
Right this way to jail.
All the mav'ricks in the house, put your hands up.
Don't give those fools any bail!

Middle Eight courtesy of the N-R-A!
[rhythmic gunshot pattern with the sound of crying wolf cubs in the background]
When I say McCain, you say Liddy.
McCain - Liddy! McCain - Liddy!
When I say McCain, you say Keating.
McCain - Keating! McCain - Keating!
When I say Palin, you say unqualified.
Palin - Unqualified! Palin - Unqualified!
Should we Vote them down… You betcha.
Should we Vote them down… You betcha.
Should we Vote them down… You betcha.
Word up… Obama-Biden in '08… McCain/Palin OUT.

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by Natalie Davis

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