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Bill Maher has encouraged his audience to refer to Donald Trump as a "whiny little bitch," an insult that I don't much like because of the sexism implicit in it, the connotation of feminine weakness that attaches to words like "bitch" and "pussy." In fact, the ugly use of the word "bitch" and "bi-atch" so commonly used by strutting male rappers and those who emulate them has been too readily accepted by lots of people who are ostensibly more savvy about sexism is yet another demonstration, if one is needed, about how even males on the left so commonly show a preference for being considered hip even over being seen as sensitive to the kind of gender slur found in the word "bitch," which is always derogatory except when it is merely denotative.

progressives stop whining

Still, given the common usage, Donald J. Trump often does seem like a whiny little bitch, a thin-skinned narcissist seeking applause and approval for every wonderful and not-so-wonderful thing he says or does, a guy who clearly suffered from too much applause from momma or nanny when he made caca in his widdle golden potty chair, who has lived out a life in a cocoon of yes men and toadies who exclaimed over every idea he stole from an underling and then touted as his own. So, when he's not hearing the cheers at the interminable rallies he now holds in celebration of himself, when his ego gets affronted by Alex Baldwin or by the failure of more than half the population to rejoice in his ascendancy, he does, indeed, behave like a whiny little bitch.

Damn near everything I read from such people last year, from professional pundits to Facebook crybabies, was devoted to dampening enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket.

But I begin this piece with the two-paragraph digression you've just read, a bit of straying from the point I want to make, and from the target of the ire I want to vent about here, which is all those progressives, real and self-professed, who whined away what should have been an easy victory over the looming threat of fascism, all those whiny little bitches who used up all their energies bitching about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the establishment Dems, the DNC, and Hillary, herself, none of whom were worthy of their wonderfulness, none of whom had their tireless commitment to change as expressed so frequently whenever three or four of them got together to bitch about drones, or Hillary's vote to go to war with Iraq, or just their oh-so-fey weariness with lesser progressives of any kind or description.

Damn near everything I read from such people last year, from professional pundits to Facebook crybabies, was devoted to dampening enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket. Even after Bernie and Elizabeth Warren tried to round them up and bring 'em back to the Democrat's just-sorta-Ok corral, they continued their petulance, repeating the right wing talking points incessantly, asserting in advance that it wouldn't be their fault if Trump won just because they'd withheld their votes or their support. No, that was the DNC's fault for rigging the primaries, a charge never proved, or it was Hillary's fault because she was "flawed," and "untrustworthy." Besides that, Hillary just wasn't trying hard enough, wasn't working nearly as hard for change as these all-too-often effete and faux progressives were themselves.

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These "progressives" who were so much more morally scrupulous and dedicated to change were hip deep in the struggle just about every time they said something really progressive to fellow professors in the faculty lounge, or in the lunch room of the state or federal bureaucracy where they earned their daily bread. Or maybe they said it at the union hall, or in their book group, or at a meeting of their service club, sharing the sneers with likeminded brethren who just loved the taste of disdain for HIllary in their mouths and on their lips.

So, when the roll is called up yonder (or down under), the list of names of those to blame for the unfolding Trump nightmare will surely include those whiny little bitches on the left who bitched so much and did so little to prevent it.

jaime oneill

Jaime O'Neill