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Progressives Meet with Superdelegates

The Brown Paper Bag Test

Sharon Kyle

Progressive California Democratic activists are taking the initiative to talk directly to as many superdelegates as will listen. At an upcoming California Democratic Council Convention, the activists are holding a superdelegate panel. The panel will be moderated by Frank Russo of the California Progress Report. Any and all Democratics are invited to attend.

This convention is one of a series of tactical actions taken by the new leadership of the CDC to broaden engagement and participation in the Democratic Party especially focusing on the needs of progressives.

The president of the CDC, Henry Vandermeir along with his team, is implementing a three-pronged approach to building the organization with the objective of creating a venerable progressive front that will have a major voice in California politics.

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The three-step process includes providing training materials and a free website to all affiliated Democratic Clubs throughout the state; attracting like-minded activists and funneling them into key positions in the organization and finally partnering with other political organizations to achieve shared goals.
The CDC was founded in 1952 to help win political control of the state. In its heyday, the CDC was primarily responsible for California's development as a Democratic stronghold. From the 1950s through the 1970s, the CDC coordinated hundreds of Democratic clubs throughout the state, touting more than 70,000 members.

The Superdelegate panel will be at the California Democratic Council 56th Annual Convention on Saturday, May 3rd at the Four Points Sheraton in Fresno. The CDC Convention opens at 8:00 am on Saturday. The schedule includes a variety of workshops as well as the Superdelegate panel session, moderated by Frank Russo of the California Progress Report on Saturday evening.

If you are with the media and would like to cover this event, interview the Superdelegates, or report on other activities during the two-day convention, contac Communication Directors Sharon Kyle and Dick Price at

For more information about the event, go to:

Where: Four Points Sheraton, Fresno, CA (559) 226-2200
When: Saturday May 3 & Sunday, May 4, 2008