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Rand Paul keeps sounding like he wants to run for president and figures – like everybody else – that the Democratic nominee will be Hillary Clinton.


Somehow, he thinks he can make political hay by going after her husband, whom he disses as “a sexual predator.” Of course, Kentucky’s junior senator means President Bill Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, whatever it was, plus his other alleged assignations.

If I were Hillary Clinton, I’d say bring it on.

To be sure, what President Clinton admitted was an “inappropriate relationship” with Lewinsky fueled his impeachment. But, most importantly, it didn’t cost him his job.

Nobody worked harder to sack Clinton than House Speaker Newt Gingrich. He counted on the Lewinski scandal and the president’s likely impeachment to produce a Republican blowout in the 1998 mid-term elections.

Monica Lewinsky today

Monica Lewinsky today

Yet the Democrats picked up five house seats and held their own in the senate. The last time a president’s party won seats in a mid-term was 1934.

The election, and most opinion polls, suggested that most Americans didn’t think Clinton’s transgressions warranted his impeachment and that partisan politics motivated the Republicans whose hatred for Clinton has been surpassed only by the current GOP’s hatred of President Obama.

At the same time, a lot of Americans seemed to be of the opinion that if Clinton did cheat on the first lady, it was a matter for Bill and Hillary to sort out, and was not the business of Gingrich, evidently a dabbler in adultery himself, and special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, another Republican of the God-said-it-I-believe-it-that-settles-it persuasion.

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The thrice-wed Gingrich, who tried so hard to run the Clintons out of town, resigned, retreated to Georgia and ended up a two-time loser for the GOP presidential nod. Torquemada Starr is president of Baylor University.

So more than two decades after the “Big Dog” bit Gingrich and Starr, Paul thinks he can bite the Big Dog’s wife by reprising Monicagate.

Even the son of Paul’s hero-president thinks he’s barking up the wrong tree.

“‘The Sexcapades of Bill Clinton’" is an old, old, old story,” wrote Michael Reagan. “It belongs on Turner Classic Movies, not Fox News. And Republicans know how the Clinton movie ends – we lose.”

He added, “Trying to pin Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs on Hillary will be a lost cause. They weren't Hillary's fault – they were her problem.”

She overcame “her problem” to become a senator from New York, a presidential contender and a secretary of state. Her spouse still fares well in the polls.

Anyway, the tea party-tilting Paul has a penchant for, as we say in Kentucky, letting his mouth overload his posterior. Okay, we use a shorter word than “posterior.”

Berry Craig

More than a few of my fellow Kentucky Democrats hope Paul will be the GOP presidential nominee in two years. They figure it would be a twofer – we’d be rid of him as a senator and Clinton would bury him in a landslide reminiscent of 1964, which senior Democrats fondly recall as “Goldwaterloo.”

Berry Craig