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Now we know more. The Washington Post has exposed even more details about how Mitt Romney's personal wealth reached such great heights in significant measure by making money by destroying American jobs through investments in firms that specialize in these attacks against American jobs. If there is one politician who embodies the destructive values I harshly criticized in my last column, titled "Dictatorship of Dollars," it is Mitt Romney.

romney touch

Mitt Romney's "jobs experience" was not only one of the worst records of any governor in America, Democrat or Republican, creating jobs during the time he served as governor (a record Romney runs and hides from today). Now we learn even more about how Mitt Romney pioneered, and immensely profited from, the exporting of American jobs and the destruction of the American middle class when he was leading Bain Capital.

Mitt Romney should disclose 10 years of his tax returns. He should disclose exactly how much personal wealth he achieved through investments in firms that destroyed American jobs. He should disclose exactly how many offshore accounts he used, in Swiss banks and the Cayman Islands, and any other tricks his highly paid advisers found for Mitt to minimize his taxes, for his profits from destroying American jobs.

The Romney tax return cover-up must end.

The Romney cover-up of his full role destroying American jobs must end.

The Romney cover-up of his job destruction and and his destruction of the American tax base by moving American firms overseas must end.

The Romney cover-up of the damage he did to our good and great nation, by moving our jobs overseas, by moving our companies abroad, by using creative tax shelters in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes on wealth he achieved by destroying jobs, must end.

The problem is not private equity. There are many private equity firms that do great good investing in America. The problem is not Mitt Romney's wealth. There are many men and women of great means who do great good for our country, and our workers, in ways Mitt Romney never dreamed of doing.

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A young Mitt Romney can get away with bullying and beating up a boy while Mitt needed five buddies to hold the boy down while Mitt beat him up.

But America will not allow Mitt Romney to bully our workers and destroy their jobs and harm our economy and call it jobs experience worthy of the presidency.

All of the money in Karl Rove's PAC cannot make up for the damage that Romney would do the nation, and has done to the nation, which is why:

Brent Budowsky

Mitt Romney owes the workers of America an apology.

Mitt Romney owes the voters of America the truth.

The Romney cover-up must end.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Saturday, 23 June 2012