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We live in an age of global protest, global unrest and global demands for change in a world where the vast majority of men and women believe they are being hurt and cheated by forces of selfishness and greed in politics and finance. In the current campaign Ron Paul is one voice for a certain segment of this global demand for change. Politics in America and around the world is a contest to decide who will give voice and power to this movement and demand for change.

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Obama campaigned for change but did not deliver it, which is the major reason his poll numbers are very far down. Mitt Romney, distrusted by 70 percent of his own party, embodies the layoff-oriented Wall Street economics and shape-shifting opportunism of a politics without conscience. Which is why Democrats will never support him and a majority of his own party desperately wants someone other than him.

This is also why one leading conservative after another has soared ahead of Romney, then collapsed, then disappeared. We live in an age of massive distrust toward everyone in power in politics and business. One reason Ron Paul has been on an upward and steady curve is that he speaks, with integrity and honor, for one segment (though far from all) of this unrest in an age of protest and demand for change.

This is the first in a series of periodic discussions about the age of protest and change that has only begun.

For now I emphasize that the unrest is a global phenomenon, and that it is directed at politics and finance, at government and business, on every continent of the world.

There are commonalities between Lech Walesa and Solidarity (which supports Occupy Wall Street and rights for workers) and the young men and women still standing courageously in Tahrir Square. There are commonalities between those who carried the Statue of Liberty in Beijing and those battling for freedom in Damascus. There are commonalities between those opposing financial corruption in the Occupied movement and at least some of the Tea Party grass roots.

There are commonalities between women in literally every corner of the world who seek equality, and all who seek equality and justice in their own lives, no matter who they are, no matter where they are.

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There are even commonalities, though they might not yet fully know it, between hundreds of thousands of people in Tahrir Square and hundreds of thousands of people marching in Israel for a fairer and better life, in a world where hope and opportunity can someday mobilize resources now wasted on war and death and hatred.

There is not yet a unity to this, but there is a growing unified spirit.

This will be the great battle of our age, in every nation of the world.

It is no coincidence that governments are falling around the world, from Italy and Greece to Egypt and Libya to Japan and Spain.

Brent Budowsky

Even Vladimir Putin pays the price of this global protest, global unrest and global demand for change that has only just begun.

In a world of media — old, new and social — these powerful forces are transmitted around the world in microseconds in a battle of ideas that will ultimately involve every person, in every nation, in every corner of the globe.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill