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In my latest column about Nancy Pelosi's mission I called for Karl Rove to be investigated to determine whether he engages in illegal collusion with Mitt Romney. Rove is everywhere. Rove is the most important player for the Romney campaign. One minute he organizes his super-PAC fundraisers. Hours later he meets privately at the closed and exclusive Mitt Romney soiree for dollars. If you liked the George W. Bush presidency, you will love a W. Mitt Romney presidency. If Rove is not colluding with Romney in violation of law, there is no law, even by the shabby standards of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United.

romney rove

Karl Rove=Mitt Romney. Rove is by far the most powerful player for the Romney team.

Mitt Romney=George W. Bush. Mitt employed dirty tactics against Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in Republican primaries, spending vast sums of money to slander his opponents with vicious negative attack ads. Romney is surrounded by Bush politicians. Romney is advised by Bush economists. Romney talks of war on the advice of Bush neoconservatives. Romney would bring back the policies that created the Bush recession and the Bush economic crash.

Yes, indeed: Rove=Romney=Bush.

Why are wealthy Democrats not matching the wealthy rightists and wealthy Republicans who give huge money to Mitt Romney, through Rove and his super-PAC, and then go to closed Romney fundraising soirees, also (of course) attended by Rove?

Karl Rove is the rock star of the Romney campaign. While Rove raises the big bucks to attack President Obama, Romney brings Rove to closed meetings to sign autographs for Romney's 1 percent. This should be investigated. If it is not, there is no law.

And do not be deceived about the stakes. It is no secret the earth is endangered by climate change. It is no secret, though it is not stated often enough to wealthy liberals, that it was Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats who passed major climate change legislation. Nor is it a secret that powerful forces that deny climate change and profit from pollution are giving tens of millions of dollars to Romney and Rove.

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Will Al Gore and wealthy liberals match them supporting House Democrats, Senate Democrats and President Obama? So far they have not. Stay tuned.

In the meantime: Rove=Romney=Bush.

If you want Karl Rove to be the most powerful political figure under the president, as he was under Bush and would be under Romney, vote Republican. If you want to bring back the gold old days of George W. Bush and Karl Rove, vote for Mitt Romney, and you get the policies of Bush and the power of Rove, yet again.

Rove=Romney=Bush recession=Bush financial crash=Bush neocon war talk. If you do not want the policies of Bush and the politics of Rove to come out of the mouth of a president who would be a parrot of their past:

Brent Budowsky

Act as though your future depends on it.

It does.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Friday, 20 July 2012