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Senator Jim Webb for Vice President

Senator Jim Webb declined to stand in line to have his picture taken with President Bush. The chicken hearted occupant of the bully pulpit had been warned that he shouldn’t talk about Webb’s son, who just had a close brush with death serving in Iraq . W, the pugnacious, cocky bantam rooster, approached Webb and asked: “How’s your boy?”


The highly decorated combat Marine Vietnam veteran of Delta Company, and former Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan, answers: “I’d like to get them out of Iraq , Mr. President.” Bush responds: “That’s not what I asked you. How’s your boy?” Webb suppressed the impulse to slug the president. “That’s between me and my boy, Mr. President.”

That incident tells us plenty about the backbone and character of Senator Webb, and the insensitivity of the worst president in United States history. Coming from a southern state and three generations of experiencing war, puts Webb in good shape with the voting military and veterans, as proven by his After 9/11 Veterans Education Benefits Bill, recently introduced in the Senate. 75 Senators signed on to the Bill. However, the pretender to the throne, Sen. McBush, along with the Pretender in Chief, felt it was too expensive to give veterans. After all, the chicken hawk administration’s first priority is paying the no-bid contractors.

Although Webb had a conservative bent in the past, we can see in the present, he’s changed for the good and has expressed progressive ideas. The Swift Boaters can’t bring the Senator down and unlike John Kerry, he won’t hesitate to hit back.

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Sen. Webb has a steady and positive demeanor, with good character, as well as commitment and will add great strength to Senator Obama’s ticket

-- by Jerry Drucker