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Yesterday I was hit by a shameful, desperate, and unfounded political attack from a special interest group funded by dark secret money that is backing one of my opponents. They twisted facts to make me look like a criminal. And when you know the truth behind this story, it makes the nature of their mud-slinging much, much worse.

Simona Farrise Rebuts Dark-Money Attacks

Today, I am filing a legal challenge to this illegal and defamatory attack, and I want to ensure that voters know the truth before they cast their ballots on Tuesday.

25 years ago, I was trapped in every woman’s worst nightmare.

I was married to a man who was physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive. Without my knowledge, awareness, or participation, my ex-husband stole my identity and used it to conduct criminal activity. I was falsely accused of crimes I didn’t commit and had absolutely nothing to do with. I could have lost everything.

But I refused to be a victim. I stood up for myself, I fought back, and every single charge against me was dropped and dismissed. I cleared my good name and my ex-husband went to prison for what he did.

That experience as a domestic violence survivor made me the person I am today, and I’ve never kept it a secret. In fact, I’ve shared my experience with other women caught up in cycles of violence to help them find the courage to change their own situation.

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As a civil rights attorney for more than 20 years, I have worked hard every day to stand up for people who are trapped, who feel powerless, and who deserve justice. As a community activist, I work with groups such as “A New Way of Life” to help women break the cycle of violence and abuse and emerge stronger.

Now, the special interests backing my opponent are trying to use the abuse and violence that I and other women have had to face for their own political gains.

Simona Farrise Rebuts Dark-Money Attacks

I wasn’t a victim then, and I won’t be a victim now. I have no criminal record, and I have never hidden my past.

This is exactly the kind of lying and bullying that I won’t stand for. I am running for Assembly to be your champion and your voice - and to put an end to corrupt and false attacks like this.

Simona Farrise
Simona Farrise: Democrat for Assembly