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The LA Progressive strives to promote a progressive viewpoint. We aim to provide our readers with content that helps them to be informed voters. And we try to create a voter guide that reflects our commitment to progressive positions.

Synde Jane Michel

Recently, it was brought to our attention by a trusted source that Synde Jane Michel is a supporter of the conservative movement. We then learned that:

  • She received an A rating from an NRA sponsored group, the California Rifle and Pistol Association which on its website indicates a candidate, based on responses, is “pro-gun” and “strongly supports the CRPA positions on Second Amendment issues.”
  • Michel was also enthusiastically endorsed by a right wing conservative voter guide published by Craig Huey.
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  • At an October 2018 meeting of the Beach Cities Republicans, Ms. Michel was the quest speaker discussing “How to continue the advancement of the South Bay conservative movement.”

Briefly, we had included Ms. Michel among our judicial endorsements. Realizing our mistake, we withdrew that endorsement long ago. Her website still includes our endorsement. LA Progressive does not endorse Synde Jane Michel for Superior Court Seat #16.