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The Nation Tenses: Waiting Out the Con Man in Chief

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

It is as if time stood still while the world crashes down around us, accentuating the ferocity of the destruction while prolonging the interminable recovery time that will be required to face the violence that surrounds us. The pain that Donald Trump is inflicting upon the nation as he rages on his petulant and relentless temper tantrum that is directed at an ungrateful society that has rejected him, collides with a fearful populace frustrated by the constraints of a serious pandemic and the proliferation of death and misery.

All the while, relief from our living hell creeps slowly towards us at a slow crawl.

We are being held hostage to a raving lunatic whose capacity to understand, or competence to address, our collective exasperation threatens long-term social psychological damage to a once proud nation looked up to by the rest of the world as a shining beacon of freedom. The United States is being run by a criminal enterprise posing as political leaders.

The don has recruited capos and foot soldiers whose unidirectional loyalty to him ensures his dominance over a confused and divided citizenry while any semblance of a political infrastructure designed to protect them has crumbled.

Donald Trump continues to slide from demented to certifiably insane. He is a danger not to himself but to everyone else, including his family.

We need to recapture the sense of gravitas in our elected leaders and institutions that promotes a sense of security and community within the nation instead of the frivolousness and buffoonery of the Con Man in Chief.

He was once unstable, now he is literally breaking down as the imminent demise of his empire threatens to toss him out of his impregnable protective cocoon into a world where his various transgressions, financial and personal, promise to exact their revenge upon what truly is the most pernicious con man and dangerous charlatan in this nation’s history.

The saddest part of this tragic story is that he continues to stoke his narcissistic addiction with a cadre of cult-like loyalists who will follow and support his unquenchable appetite for attention like lemmings to the sea. While his grip on actual power will expire in several weeks, the amount of damage he can do in the meantime is potentially catastrophic.

By refusing to even acknowledge the depth of the ravaging virus that has already killed 350,000 Americans and is projected to worsen in the coming weeks and months, to his flirtation with sedition and criminal interference with the results of the election, to his invitation to street violence as he desperately attempts what can only be described as an American coup d’etat.

Like a scared animal backed into a corner he reacts by striking back.

He has made it abundantly clear that he is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid having to answer to legal actions that will attempt to hold him accountable for his criminal conduct. Surely, he is aware that while he may be able to protect himself from accountability on Federal charges, he faces state charges that are beyond the reach of his protection.

The larger question is to what extent our nation benefits from his prosecution versus the need to somehow heal the nation by tempering efforts to prosecute a former President. While it is vitally important that we unify our nation behind a national purpose that will only be short-circuited to a certain agree by apparent revenge, it is also extremely important and necessary to abide by the fundamental principle that no person is above the law and we are all responsible for our actions.

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How we balance these conflicting approaches will set the course for how expeditiously we get back on track as a leading nation in human rights, empathy, and justice. Truly, the Biden administration will be faced with what can only be described as a modern day Hobbesian choice whilst it wrestles with a plethora of serious issues that will determine whether we can restore the economic and physical health of a nation.

While I would personally like to see Trump in handcuffs, embarrassed and humbled, to the extent that it is possible for someone who has neither empathy nor compassion for others to be so, we need to recapture those values that set us apart from other nations. It is a conundrum that the Biden administration will be forced to deal with among the other major issues facing an ailing and psychologically damaged nation.

The desperation exhibited by this President as the end nears is palpable.

From pardons which amount to little more than a payoff for unconscionable transgressions against humanity, as in the case of the Iraqi executions of innocent women and children, to acknowledgement of personal graft at the expense of national security interests, to acceptance of criminal actions with no repercussions, to awarding the Medal of Freedom to Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and Rush Limbaugh, we have been reduced to the equivalent of a tinpot dictatorship in a banana republic.

Cleaning up this mess will require enormous difficulty amidst a populace that has been suckered by a corruption that seemingly knows no bounds.

The recent telephone call that Trump placed to Georgia election officials and Secretary of State vividly illustrates the depths of corruption that permeates this administration. The President boldly and consistently instructed these public servants to reverse the electoral vote of the general election by illegally changing the vote totals.

That these officials are Republican elected officials only confuses the issue further. It is pure political extortion being directed from the Commander-in-chief himself.


Is it any wonder that that the lack of seriousness exhibited by our political leaders is reflected in the general populace?

We need desperately to recapture the sense of gravitas in our elected leaders and institutions to deal with deadly serious issues in a way that benefits and promotes a sense of security and community within the nation instead of the frivolousness and buffoonery of the Con Man in Chief. But first we need to rid ourselves of the clown show that is currently ruining our nation.


January 20, please get here soon.

Lance Simmens