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It seems like every dim bulb in the GOP primary is trying to claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan. Don’t, please. Once was enough. No one else could package and sell cruelty and revisionist history as Reagan did. His alleged gentle humor and affable charm masked the brutality and destructiveness of his policies, beginning with the kickoff of his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Why is that significant?

trump and reagan

Rump for Roast—H. Scott Prosterman

Because that is where three civil rights workers were murdered in 1963, which became the impetus for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. When Reagan opened his campaign there, he was telling people, “You can stop apologizing, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s OK to be greedy again and express your racial prejudices.” Millions of people had been waiting anxiously for that message since the many progressive actions of Presidents Johnson, Nixon*, Ford and Carter. *For all of his profane abuse of power, Nixon gave America the EPA, broadened food stamp and education programs and did other things that many Senate Democrats would shy away from as too “liberal.”

Reagan’s toxic mix was packaged with unconditional support for Israel, which prompted many Jewish people to abandon the progressive ideals of the 60’s and 70’s.

Reagan’s toxic mix was packaged with unconditional support for Israel, which prompted many Jewish people to abandon the progressive ideals of the 60’s and 70’s. They tried to argue, “I subscribe to his economic theories and support for Israel, but not the racial overtones of the social stuff.” Huh? No- you bought the whole package; they are inseparable. Economic theories? That trickle down fantasy? It’s all yours!

Fortunately, none of the GOP so called “contenders” have the chops or sales skills to match Reagan. Reagan brought a brutal and destructive transformation to America, and created the template that Bush Senior and Junior followed to destroy much of the economy and social fabric. Donald Thrump is taking it to another level.

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Still it’s amusing to hear Republicans whine wistfully about who can claim the mantle of Reagan. It’s even funnier to hear them whine about how Frump is not really a Republican, but an outlier who is perverting the party. Really? Perverting a party that represents everything that Brump is hyperbolizing on the campaign trail? The beauty of Donald Drump is that he codifies EXACTLY what the Republican Party has come to represent since Reagan’s time: unapologetic racism, greed and investment in the war machine at the expense of all other sectors of the economy. Throw in cultural ignorance as a point of pride and you have the 21st Century GOP.

Jewish voters are easily seduced by whomever makes the most outlandish, unqualified statements in support of Israel . . . no matter what Israel does. I’ve heard Jewish Republicans reveal their painful search for a suitable candidate saying, “Well, I heard my husband/brother-in-law/sister (pick one) say that Cruz/Rubio/Bush (pick one) is interesting . . .” Many Jewish voters refuse to recognize the great gifts that Presidents Carter and Obama have given to Israel in the form of a realistic framework and guidelines for peace. Sadly, Israeli PM Natanyahu is so deeply wedded to the most extreme form of draconian, right-wing governance that he makes Reagan and Begin look progressive. Crump’s world view is consistent with Reagan’s policies that led to more pre-natal deaths than ever, when the WIC & infant nutrition programs were cut.

In my world view, the world was humming along pretty nicely until about 1981 when Reagan, Menachem Begin, and Margaret Thatcher came to power all at once. Suddenly, Western Civilization took a sharp turn to the right and stepped a few decades back on the global peace and security front. Since then, Democrats have continued to cower under Reagan’s shadow and still feel a need to apologize for not being on the far-far right.

Get this ya’ll – you don’t have to apologize anymore for objecting to the destruction of America. You don’t have to explain that “socialism” has been part of every FUNCTIONAL Western government since World War II – (Well maybe that does need to be explained to people who don’t recognize the sham of Wrump.)

A hopeful person thinks that Rrump is just putting this poo-poo out to bring the GOP toxicity to full eruption and implosion of the GDP - G-Damn Party.

scott prosterman

H. Scott Prosterman