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Trump, Arnold and Gingrich: Liars All

Anthony Samad: The Republicans’ whole mantra is to tell the public what they want to hear, then do whatever the hell they want…for lies, sex, money and power.
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Trump, Arnold and Gingrich: The Republican Mantra is One of Continual Deceit

In literally one day, three events occurred that showed the continuing disingenuousness of the party of “family values,” “personal responsibility,” and country first “patriotism” as three of the highest profile Republicans slipped on their party’s platform. When the Republicans show out, they show out…but it’s always after they’ve questioned someone else’s patriotism, someone else’s motives, someone else’s value system.

It is clear to me and to most of the country why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, because the rich gets to keep theirs while everybody else gets their taken away, one way or another. The continuing rape of free enterprise and holding the capital markets captive doesn’t hide the deceit that we’ve come to know as the Republican Party. As long as you’re willing to attack the poor, the minority and the middle class for living above their means, the breakdown in the “traditional” family, loose sexual morays, and for being “un-American” (coming into the country illegally), regardless of the skeletons in your own closet, you can represent the Republican Party.

This week, Donald Trump gave up his “running for President” charade, new Presidential Candidate, Newt Gingrich, was outted for stiffing jewelry maker Tiffany on a quarter-to half-million jewelry bill, and the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, disclosed that he fathered a baby 14 years ago with a family housekeeper…and kept it a secret. I’m sure all of you said what I said upon hearing the news (Now ain’t that some sh#t!!!), but moreover, you certainly had to come to the conclusion that the Republican personal responsibility mantra is a bunch a bullsh#t.

For the last 30 years (since Reagan), the Republicans nave been lecturing the nation that the problems of the poor and middle class are because they don’t “live up” to family values and accept personal responsibility for the life choices, and lifestyles (depending upon to whom they were directing their comments). They put the American public on a yo-yo and pull them in when they want to receive compassion (their vote) and let’s them out when they want to refuse compassion (a tax break). Yet, consistently over the years, Republican leadership not only tripped over the bones that fell out of their closets…they gagged on ’em.

Most people have a small closet to hold their skeletons. The Republicans have a small graveyard and still the bones fall out. No small stuff either. An infidelity here, a small tax case there…they come up with the most egregious stuff…toe-tapping in airport bathrooms…charging high-end prostitutes to the government credit card…shooting people in the face on hunting trips, nobody does it like the Republicans do it. Deceives the American public, I mean…

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Take Mr. Donald Trump…who managed to alienate the whole black community with this flirtation in running for President. He did it twice before (1988 and 1992), faked a run, I mean. Trump is the ultimate publicity hog and saw an opportunity. We knew he was bullsh*tting but the public bit the apple anyway because of the issue he chose to wave as his launch piece, the Obama birther issue. Now black people had connected to Trump based on his shows, Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, which they watch in relatively high numbers. But when he started waving the birther issue, black folks got pissed off and stopped watching his show…at a time when three popular black folk (Lil Jon, Star Jones and NeNe) were in the running. Instead of gaining viewers in this publicity stunt, he lost viewers. The Donald put money before country (in a release statement “Business is my passion”) on this one and did what Bill Cosby said he was doing, “nothing but running his mouth.”

Newt Gingrich, who recently announced he was running for President, carved his career on the 1994 “Contract with America” Republican takeover of Congress, of which welfare reform (personal responsibility) was his mantra. The Republicans have refused “Main Street” relief on home mortgages while the banks got a bailout. Wall Street can get relief for selling risky loans but Main Street can’t get relief for buying them…what’s wrong with that picture? Now we know why. We have to pay for the rich one’s jewelry bills…that they themselves haven’t paid. Obviously, Gingrich, in confession mode, trying to clear out his closet for a presidential run, confessed a couple months ago that the affair he had while he was Speaker was attributed to him working long hours…Uh, huh. So, when caused the $250,000 to $500,000 Tiffany bill? Rewarding the staff that kept you working long hours?

The Republicans are something else, but it’s Arnold who takes the cake. Californians knew he was a “grabass” when he ran for Governor, because it came out in the campaign. However, it takes A LOT to hide a baby for over ten years. In the same house. I’m sure Maria did a couple of double-takes as the housekeeper’s child ran around the house. He probably looked like a little terminator…and probably had an accent too (Mommie, I’ll be BAACK). In one week, the Republicans violated their whole platform.

I don’t care what you say about little Shaniqua, Donte and Pookey…but they can’t come up with more bling, more street game and more household drama than the Republicans. The Republicans’ whole mantra is to tell the public what they want to hear, then do whatever the hell they want…for lies, sex, money and power.

Anthony Samad

Theirs is a mantra of deceit.

Anthony Samad
The Black Commentator