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Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway Knows the Numbers—Mario Solis-Marich

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway

Trump’s new manager Kellyanne Conway knows the numbers. Not only does the new Trump campaign manager know her stuff, Conway has somehow been able to explain it to Trump. The question is did Conway get Trump to understand basic math or was it basic biology she tutored him on?

Did Conway get Trump to see that you can’t get to 270 electoral votes without 40% of Latino voters choosing you—or did she explain to him that it takes 18 years, nine months, and lots of sweet talking to increase the demographic that he has been up to now relying on to win?

Maybe it was neither—maybe she just showed him his approval numbers among white Republican women and then tweeted “not enough, sad!”

The question is did Conway get Trump to understand basic math or was it basic biology she tutored him on?

Whatever she did, Kellyanne—aka the Trump Whisperer—has, at least for now, convinced Trump that due to the electoral college, Latinos cannot be ignored and he needs to reconfigure his immigration stance to match the mathematical reality. Trump's flip flop notwithstanding, the critically important role that Latinos play in a national election is political reality—and the truth is that Trump lost the general election on the first day of his campaign.

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The media has ignored the electoral facts and kept the great Trump hope alive over the past year. The media only realized that Trump’s extreme divisiveness made him unqualified when the Gold Star Kahn family pointed it out in front of millions of people.

However, the media's 15 minutes of Kahn clarity has timed out. Apparently the new meme from the media elite is that calling a whole group of people rapists and murderers is only as bad as legally leveraging your contacts to move millions of dollars to AIDS-stricken Third World countries—the latter of which is somehow now terribly odious.

But, as much as the media may forget Trumps original sin, Latinos will not. Trump's base was forged out of the hatred of our neighborhoods, our communities, and our families. Most Latinos will not equate a gleeful promise to tear our families apart, cheered on by throngs of rabid rally attendees, with simple errors in protocol and procedure as easily as cable show pundits do.

Conway understands Trump’s Latino dilemma and has decided to focus on regaining the portion of the GOP that the campaign has lost. Over the last year, a good significant number of GOP women have been brought out of their denial about the direction of their party by the coarseness and brutality of the current standard bearer.

Conway knows that while it is a difficult to break denial it is a much easier task to fall back into its trap. If Conway can lull conservative women back into denial’s fog by flipping Trump on immigration policy, he will have a base from which to revive his electoral hopes.

The strategy is that if Trump regains the GOP base he can then hope and pray for a big break and win the presidency. This is the only course of action and would be a realistic one except for the wall—and not the one Trump has promised for the border—but the big brown wall that has been and is now forever embedded in the electoral college.

mario solis-marich

Mario Solis-Marich