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Trump Landslide Loss

When is a landslide not a landslide? Either when it does not meet the original definition of an overwhelming majority of votes for one party in an election, or when the same definition does not apply to two identical theses.

It is highly likely that both Trump and Biden will win by identical margins, 306-232. Yet Trump definitively declared that despite identical differentials one qualifies as a landslide while the other does not. Mr. President, you cannot have it both ways. We can argue whether either qualifies as a landslide but according to Archimedes, the father of mathematics, one cannot qualify as a landslide while the other does not, unless of course you live in a world of alternative facts.

Such is the world that Donald Trump lives in. In the same breath, one plus one can equal two or it can equal three. It is a beyond bizzaro world and is a fiction of a delusional imagination. Trump is quite simply certifiably insane. To some that may seem quaint, to others it represents a danger that precariously hangs over the state of the world.

You will leave the nation and this world scrambling to piece together the societal fractures you have created

While Trump cloisters himself in his playroom at the White House, humoring himself with illusions of grandeur, stomping his feet in abject frustration, refusing to eat his oatmeal, and tossing objects at the wall, the world turns. As he's angrily posting tweets that defy the basic laws of physics and gravity by suspending belief in anything that even remotely resembles the truth or science, the pandemic rages on.

People are getting sicker and dying, all scientifically qualifiable and quantifiable indicators project disastrous consequences that threaten America and its citizens just as the joyous winter holidays are upon us. Exponential levels of death and the inability of our public health system to handle an exploding pandemic pay little heed to the pace of securing an available vaccination, while the President sulks.

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Mr. President, you are the quintessential definition of a loser, although such a label is far too kind given the depths of despair you have allowed to fester under your reign of terror. You are a criminal in more ways than can be identified in this space. You literally have blood on your hands and will be remembered as rivaling some of the most vile and venal purveyors of death in human history.

The ravages that will afflict both the nation and the world that you are directly responsible for will take years if not decades to repair. You will leave the nation and this world scrambling to piece together the societal fractures you have created: splits that divide families, friends, communities, nations, political institutions, norms, precedents, decorum, civility, and common sense. The damage you have wrought is simply incalculable.

It is not wrong to wish for if not pray that you are indeed held accountable for the psychological damage and cruelty inflicted upon the society at large. A cursory examination of your disrespect and inhuman treatment of poor and vulnerable immigrants at our southwestern border alone is sufficient to render you guilty of crimes against humanity. Your refusal to accept the leadership required of your position in the handling of the coronavirus approaches a level of genocide never seen before in this nation.

You belong in an institutionalized setting. You have little regard for your supporters, as witnessed by the mass gathering free-for-alls that qualify as publicly financed political rallies, you are the Typhoid Mary of our generation, you have no respect for the safety or security of your family, your constituents, or the general family of mankind. The absolute and total absence of empathy, compassion, or understanding when it comes to the depths of the crisis that has gripped the nation is incomprehensible.

Good riddance to you and to all who have emboldened and supported you, whether out of fear, ignorance, or the cult-like desire to belong to a movement that is long on promises, short on performance, and devoid of competency. One can only hope that the hammer of justice is brought down upon your head and that for the first time in your life you are required to pay for your criminal negligence and human deficiencies.

So do us all a favor and stay locked in your prison of self-pity. What you see in the mirror underneath the fluff and puff of physical vanity is a reflection of self-loathing that will continue to eat at you for as long as you waste space in this universe. Continue to struggle with your pronounced failure, the death strike to your ego, that will always haunt your existence.


Just leave and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Better yet, leave early with your self-pardon in hand. It is time for competency to once again reclaim its rightful place in the formulation and execution of rational public policy.

Lance Simmens