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Donald Trump ought to add Nomex pants for politicians to his clothing line and take the first pair for himself.

Trump Lies

Trump's Trousers Blaze Anew—Berry Craig

Not a NASCAR fan? Nomex is that flame resistant material in race car drivers' suits.

Anyway, Trump's trousers blazed anew when he said, “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment.”

Politifact challenged Trump to show where she said it. Mum was the word from the Trump campaign, so Politifact judged Trump’s bloviation false.

At least The Donald is consistent. The presumptive GOP nominee's campaign is famous for flat-out-lies, half-truths, deception and deceit. (Okay, he's not the first politician to torture the truth—hence the need for mass produced Nomex pants for pols.)

There's a theory in politics—favored by demagogues like Trump—that if you tell a lie often enough and bold enough, you can sucker the body politic into believing it.

Anyway, there's a theory in politics—favored by demagogues like Trump—that if you tell a lie often enough and bold enough, you can sucker the body politic into believing it.

So it is with Republicans and guns. They take extra careful aim at union members who are partial to hunting and other shooting sports.

“[The gun issue] is the one thing that will spin the blue-collar union member away from his union,” former Wisconsin State AFL-CIO researcher Joanne Ricca quotedex-National Rifle Association bigwig Neal Knox in her study, "Politics in America: The Right Wing Attack on the America Labor Movement.”

Since President Jimmy Carter ran for re-election in 1980, the GOP and the NRA have been yelping that the Democrats want to seize everybody’s shooting irons.

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They’ve yet to do so.

Ah, but the NRA keeps warning about that “slippery slope” on guns. The ground is still level and dry.

Want the real lowdown on Clinton and guns? Go to her official campaign website.

The leader and favorite for the Democratic presidential nod wants to “strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in the current system.” She's for holding “irresponsible dealers and manufacturers accountable” and keeping “guns out of the hands of terrorists, domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill.”

The website acknowledges that “gun ownership is part of the fabric of many law-abiding communities,” and adds, “too many families in America have suffered from gun violence. About 33,000 Americans are killed by guns each year. That is unacceptable. It is a rebuke to this nation we love."

Nowhere does Clinton even come close to saying she wants to repeal the Second Amendment or send in the feds to grab the guns of law-abiding citizens.

By the way, before the NRA-endorsed Trump ran for president, he favored an assault weapons ban and said people should have to wait a little longer to buy a gun so their backgrounds could be more thoroughly checked.

Again, Trump is showing consistency—he’s flip-flopped on a whole bunch of issues. Click here, here, here and here.

You can even buy "Trump 2016" flip-flops. I'm not sure if they're pro- or anti-Trump footwear. Either way, they'd go great with The Donald's Nomex pants--which would, of course, probably be made in China or some other cheap-labor country like so much of the professed anti-outsourcer's line of duds.

Berry Craig

Berry Craig