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Donald Trump is one of the biggest scam artists in the history of our country.Any relationship between the truth and the utterances of Trump are purely accidental.Especially when he is speaking!He seems to be carried away by his own oratory and the roar of the crowd to a place where, to him at the moment, anything he wants to say to support his position is the “truth.”For example he has stated that he knows more about ISIS than the generals do.

trump many lies

Donald and the Truth—Inman Moore

Trump is truthfully a wealthy man.But, when he is speaking, the amount of his wealth soars to unknown heights.He has unashamedly stated that his wealth is in the neighborhood of ten billion dollars.No one in the financial world believes that.Forbes, the trusted standard in judging wealth, says Trump is worth $3.7 billion.A year earlier, Forbes estimated his worth at $4.5 billion meaning Trump lost about $800 million last year due to the downturn in the real estate market.In fact, over the years, as well as succeeding years, he has had some monumental failures, losing over a billion dollars in one year some years ago.Many in the financial world think that by using the credits from these losses he has not paid any income tax for years.That is probably why he won’t release his tax returns, as all other candidates have done for many years. He uses his “audit” as his reason for not releasing his tax return (an audit, by the way, which will continue until hell freezes over).He has also declared bankruptcy on four different occasions.

Any relationship between the truth and the utterances of Trump are purely accidental.Especially when he is speaking!

Donald also plans to deport eleven million Mexicans.Just like that!! Wow!!!And he is going to build the greatest wall ever known in the annals of the human race separating the United States and Mexico.To add to this absurdity, Donald roars to his crowds that Mexico will pay for it.If you can buy that, I have a London Bridge I will sell you at a sensationally low price?

To make his point about keeping Muslims out of the United States, Trump has said he saw in 2011, as the World Trade Center in New York came crashing down, a huge crowd of Muslims in New Jersey cheering this terrible tragedy.No one else ever saw that crowd.To make his point about needing a great wall (a wall, incidentally that will never be built) to keep Mexicans below the border, you would think, by his language, that all Mexicans are thugs, thieves, and rapists.He has used his speeches to demean women, the handicapped, as well as people of other colors and race.Publicly he has demeaned a true hero, Senator John McCain, a prisoner during the Vietnam War.I personally resent that.I served in the Navy during World War II and was in the invasion forces commanded by General Douglas McArthur that retook the Philippines.Donald, for your information, and before you are in a position to send men and women into harm’s way, war is hell, and for you to publicly demean someone who put his life on the line is the ultimate insult.You should be ashamed of yourself as all veterans should be ashamed of you.

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In speaking, Donald suddenly converts all the inner cities in America into tragic, terrible total disasters.Everybody is getting shot and killed, according to his presentation.Well, there is some unrest, but on any given night in America, a country of 320 million people, most of us are going our merry way.More people are killed on the highways of America than in our inner cities.

Donald, in one of your ghost-written books, you extol the value of revenge and how important it is to take revenge on anyone who belittles you in any way.If you are elected President, are you going to take the first year of your presidency getting revenge on all those who have said unkind things about you?This could be a most monumental task.

More recently, Donald has taken out after the press.While speaking he waves his hand toward the press box and dismisses the reporters as a bunch of hoodlums.This is reminiscent of the tactics of Mussolini who became a fascist dictator in Italy many years ago.Donald, this is worrisome.If elected, Donald, when do you plan to do away with Congress and the Supreme Court?

Just to round out the picture of Donald Trump, let me mention a few other items, such as: being involved in 3500 law suits; now into his third marriage with numerous accusations of sexual misconduct; paying his contractors less than the original agreement stating they didn’t do a good job; and declaring Hillary to be non-religious when the records show she has been extremely active in the United Methodist Church since childhood.


Inman Moore