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A Tsunami of Money

Berry Craig: It was a tsunami of money triggered by the Supreme Court ruling that corporations could spend unlimited sums to elect or oppose candidates for public office.
Bill Londrigan (Photo: Berry Craig)

Bill Londrigan (Photo: Berry Craig)

Kentucky State AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan says most of the media is still mischaracterizing the election day "tsunami.”

“It was a tsunami of money triggered by the Supreme Court ruling that corporations could spend unlimited sums to elect or oppose candidates for public office.”

Londrigan forecasts an even more towering tidal wave of corporate cash in 2012.

“Corporations, mostly hidden behind front group facades like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, tried to create a wave big enough to replace Harry with Mitch. While that wave failed to create enough force for a Republican takeover of the Senate, it did replace Pelosi with man-tan Boehner. The bigger second wave will hit with a vengeance in the presidential election.”

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Londrigan said a group of GOP-friendly organizations teamed up to “spend a fortune, secretly provided by corporations, to propagandize the electorate against pro-labor Democratic candidates. They continually attacked Obama-Reid-Pelosi with a barrage of ads designed to mislead and incite voters so that pro-corporate candidates could ‘take the country back’ for corporations and the wealthy – as if they aren’t already in control.”

Londrigan warned that the mid-term elections were “just a warm-up" for the presidential election. “Karl and Mitch are already amassing more and more corporate money to take it all in 2012. Mitch has said publicly that the number one objective of the Republicans is to replace Obama. Mitch is the one who has championed the rights of corporations to spend unlimited sums on behalf of candidates they favor and has equated money with free speech.”

Meanwhile, Londrigan said the flood of corporate cash funneled through these Republican front groups "created so much collective amnesia among the voters that they became convinced it was the Obama administration that was responsible for the deficit, the bailout, unemployment and the economic collapse. These front groups conveniently forgot that their man, George W. Bush, was in control for eight years and that he and his party are ultimately responsible for our nation’s economic collapse. It is amazing what money will buy.”

Londrigan said some of that money helped tea party Republican Rand Paul win a senate seat in the Bluegrass State . The fiercely anti-labor Paul beat labor-endorsed Democrat Jack Conway.

Berry Craig

Concluded Londrigan: “With Rand Paul as Jim Bunning's replacement, we can expect more grandstanding similar to when Bunning showed his callous disregard for America’s hard working men and women and blocked unemployment benefits for millions of Americans just to demagogue the issue of the deficit.”

Berry Craig