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We thinking Americans know for a fact that the United States was never meant to be a For Profit business or corporation. That’s called an Oligarchy. Our nation was first formed by our founding fathers as a government of the people and as a democracy (Republic) for “We the people” and never thought of as corporations. (Persons)

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Attempting to run our U.S. Government like a business has very little to do with having the expertise in running a country. Take George W. Bush. for example --please! When W was selected by the Supreme Court, he said he was going to run our country like a business.

W’s corporate role model for running the country like a business was Enron, a perfect example of what happens when a greedy business man runs a business on a credit card, with no intention of paying off the bill. W’s first three business failures were; ARBUSTO – (Busted) – Spectrum 7 Energy – (smashed) - Harken Energy – (Heave ho). It has been written that W’s failures were bailed out by the bin Laden family. Daddy Bush was a business partner with the bin Laden family in the Carlyle Group.

(An aside regarding W and business) It’s well known W was always very good to his business partners. Has anyone had the thought that W had a tacit understanding with the bin Laden family, who had bailed out W at least three times, that he wouldn’t kill Osama bin Laden as long as he was on the Bush watch?

The current GOP presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney, fought tooth and dollar against his awful primary opponents, all the time claiming to be a world class severely successful conservative businessman. It now appears that Romney’s primary talent is that he’s a pioneer business outsourcing expert, putting much of his money overseas and also is tops in avoidance of paying U.S. Taxes.

History (aka facts) tells us that only two true businessmen became President to our nation. It was Republican Herbert Hoover who brought us the 1920’s Depression and the more recently forgotten 43rd president, George W. Bush. For Hoover, it was a “Chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” In W’s time “A crackpot in every post and run the entire nation into toast.” If the Devil or the Republican Supreme Court steps in as was done for he whose name the GOP doesn’t mention, it could mean an elevator in every millionaires’ garage and the shaft for all the rest of us. (Thank you Gov. Jennifer Granholm)

Speaking of the GOP House of Representatives and Senators, they have been ‘cutting off their nose to spite their face.’ That expression is used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem. Just like the fraudulent Republican Governor’s new laws of voter suppression. The G.O.P. still owns and controls all the major voting machines, data counting machines, a million goons to intimidate voters at the voting polls and most of the Federal Judges.

What those Republicans should have been doing to help our country is; ‘cutting off their no’s to save their face for the blundering Tea Party members.’

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Here’s a business question for Willard Mitt Romney and: The Banks, Wall Street, U.S. Millionaires, Billionaires, Oil Companies, major Companies and the G.O.P. Congress. ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO? The Dow Jones has over doubled from four years ago, from the 5,000 range to over 13,500 today. We hasten to add this remarkable growth happened under President Barack Obama’s four-year term.

The Blunderbuss has become Willard Mitt Romney’s favorite ancient weapon regarding his recent foreign policy capers. Romney blasted Chinese currency in one of his ‘showing the right wing base how right wing whacko’ he could be and it really upset the Chinese businesses that the ex Governor has placed and earned much of his offshore millions.

Romney started his blunder bus trip by going to Europe at the time of the Olympics. He managed to leave each country with an insult, earning him the title of the Great Insulter. He has proven he has no sense of diplomacy and totally lacks sensitivity. There are some exceptions according to Willard. In fact he claims the dog Shamus was so happy being stuck in a cage on top of the Romney car that he shat all over the vehicle. Actually, the story cost Romney the Pet Base that he thought he had locked up.

About as important as re-electing President Obama is a strong effort to drive out the Republican money changers, also known as Tea Partiers, who all knew to just say NO, as did all the lock-step majority in the House and the Senate.

Jerry Drucker


Jerry Drucker
Valley Dems United

Margie Murray, Editor

Posted: Saturday, 15 September 2012