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In my latest column, I applaud the growing clout of women and the great collaboration of diverse groups, in Texas and nationally, in support of issues important to women.

eric holder

The voting rights abuses by Republicans in Texas and nationally will now be the cause of a similar coalition. I fully support the bold move by the Department of Justice to initiate a frontal legal challenge, which I expect to prevail, against continuing voting rights abuses in Texas.

More cases in other states are undoubtedly coming. While Texas Republicans in Washington, led by Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and the state's GOP House delegation, alienate Hispanics by opposing fair immigration reform, Republicans in Texas, led by Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott, repeatedly attack the voting rights of Hispanics, blacks, seniors and countless other Texans.

This pattern of attacking voting rights in violation of the Voting Rights Act, even as it stands after the party-line vote of Supreme Court Republican justices, is only escalating in Texas and a list of other states.

The Voting Rights Act has historically been supported by members of the House and Senate, and presidents from both parties. The latest brand of Republicans — in Texas and nationally — wants power at costs, even at the cost of the rule of law. Countless groups representing the civil rights community, Hispanics, blacks, labor, and women are all supporting the Voting Rights Act.

As Nan Aron, president of the Alliance for Justice, said at a voting rights rally: "Bring us justice!"

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The Justice Department is right. Texas under Republicans is a leading abuser of voting rights. They have engaged in scandalous gerrymandering and abusive voter-ID laws. My former boss Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) once said that one of his proudest votes was to end the poll tax.

Now Republicans in Texas and many other states are bringing back the equivalent of the poll tax in new forms. By the time this battle is concluded, even without Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, preclearance will return for those jurisdictions — including Texas — that repeatedly infringe on voting rights. Let the rule of law decide.

I applaud those Republicans, such as Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.), who support bringing back full justice for full voting rights. The battle in Congress will continue and even the current Supreme Court will ultimately rule against the practices that the Justice Department challenges again.

It is astounding that even today the GOP finds new ways of demeaning and insulting Hispanics and blacks and all who seek a fair right to vote. They will lose this battle, and the Texas case will be repeated in other jurisdictions, wherever they may be.

Brent Budowsky

In the meantime, this is a clarion call for Democrats in Texas and throughout America to begin the largest voter registration campaign — from Texas to Ohio, Florida to Georgia, the Atlantic to the Pacific — to prevent any election from ever being stolen again by those who seek to destroy the right to vote.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Saturday, 28 July 2013