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We're Thrilled!

Although Sharon flirted briefly with Clinton and Dick looked hard at Edwards, we came out early and strongly for Barack Obama, making our cases just before California's January primary here and here.


Through the spring, we worked a bit on the Obama campaign and continued our full support here on the LA Progressive. As we're putting together this week's newsletter, Hillary Clinton is finishing her proud but gracious concession speech. Now it's time to turn our thoughts to who can best complete Obama's ticket and then best serve our country as vice president.

To start that process, three of us have made cases for possible running mates -- Senator Jim Webb, Caroline Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton herself. But that's just the start. Here's how you can help:

  • Tell us in 300 to 500 words who's your candidate and why you support him or her.
  • Comment on the various vice presidential stories that appear on our LA Progressive website.
  • Complete the survey we'll circulate this week.
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Dick Price and Sharon Kyle

With the right running mate, we believe Barack Obama can bring America the sea change it needs so badly.

-- Dick & Sharon

Dick Price is a publishing executive for the IEEE Computer Society and long-time magazine editor. Sharon Kyle is a financial analyst and is also studying law at The People's College of Law in Los Angeles. Together, as a husband and wife team, they publish several print and online newsletters on political and social justice issues. Sharon serves as Publisher for Dick & Sharon's LA Progressive and Dick serves as Editor.

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