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Yes, Bernie Sanders won in West Virginia. He got 51.4% of the voters while Hillary Clinton got 35.8%. That was impressive. But even more impressive but stranger still were what the voters wanted (according to the exit polls).

West Virginia Blues

Twenty-six percent of the Democratic voters wanted a continuation of Obama's policies, 28% wanted more liberal policies, and 40% wanted less liberal policies. Of those who wanted less liberal policies, 62% wanted Bernie Sanders and 29% wanted Hillary Clinton. Which is sort of crazy. Why would those who want more conservative policies vote for a social democrat over a woman who is essentially a centrist?

It's certainly possible that Hillary's position on coal hurt her more with the really conservative voters than with voters overall, and this factor may have pushed the results. Or it's possible that really conservative voters just hate Hillary and will vote even for a social democrat to get rid of her. Or perhaps it's just the craziness of this election cycle.

Who knows?

Michael T. Hertz

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