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What's Going on With Sarah Palin's Medical Records?


All of the candidates have released medical information to the American people stating they are fit to serve, that is, all except Sarah Palin. There has been a flurry of questions buzzing around the blogosphere and elsewhere regarding the lack of medical records for Palin, especially since her appearance on NBC News almost two weeks ago.

When Brian Williams of NBC News asked Palin about the growing requests for these records, she seemed to wave off any concerns. Stating that if "curiosity seekers" wanted to "check off a box" , the records would show that she is healthy and happy. She went on to say, "if they're released". Some have suggested that perhaps there is a reason these records haven't been released and are, in fact, being kept under wraps. Her final statement to Brian Williams in the tape below seems to suggest that she wasn't so sure they would be released. The question is why?

On October 22, 2008 we saw this:

Then, on November 1, 2008 we saw this:

It's been debated that the medical records of presidential and vice-presidential candidates are not necessarily our business. Ron Mwangaguhunga of the Awareness Blog wrote a great piece on this very topic as have others. In the piece, Mwangaguhunga aserts that, "voters should know upfront if a prospective president or vice president has a serious medical issue that may affect his or her ability to govern".

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He goes on to site and link to a variety of sources that buttress this argument.Another source I found gave statistics. For example, according to Medpage Today, a medical news website, McCain's melanoma history suggests he has a 22% chance of not surviving his first term if he were elected president. I trust you have clicked these links and are back reading this article which is less informative but more about what's being postulated about Palin's records.

There is a thread running on one of the Democratic Underground discussion forums on this topic. By the way, DU (Democratic Underground) has a bunch of fantastic discussion forums if you like that sort of thing and I do. Anyway, I checked this particular forum and found some of the reasons citizen journalists and others think Palin's records being withheld.

This is what they're guessing:

1) She had a tubal ligation procedure after 4th child
2) She has only given birth to four children
3) She has had an abortion
4) She has had plastic surgery
5) She has had an STD

Any one of the these with the exception of the plastic surgery would hurt her with McCain's base which is the only reason the McCain camp brought her on board.

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Sharon Kyle

Sharon Kyle is the Publisher of the LA Progressive.