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For the history books:

41. Bush
42. Clinton
43. Bush
44. Obama

It's nearly certain that number 45 will read either Clinton or Bush. Do you have any idea how idiotic we're gonna look to future generations? I have a really good idea.

The Democrats would be wise to exhibit a bit more caution in what they publicly wish for. A little food for thought.

Many years ago there lived an actor named Tyrone Power who was active in Hollywood for roughly twenty years. He was just a bit before my time. When I was a day shy of three months old, he collapsed and died of a massive heart attack on location in Madrid, Spain while filming a sword fight scene with George Sanders. He was only forty-four years old.

Orson Welles once said of James Cagney, "Every moment of Cagney is truth." By comparison, every moment of Power was contrived. In fact, I've never been able to understand how he was able to survive in Hollywood for as long as he did. To his many fans and his heirs: I'm sorry but the guy couldn't act his way out a decomposing burlap sack. We're talking mucho lousy! There's a dandy reason why his name is not remembered today as reverently as Gable's, Bogie's or Tracy's. In every performance by Tyrone Power I've ever witnessed, he has all the conviction of the most popular sophomore in the lead of a high school play.

It's a little unsettling how I get the same feeling from Tyrone Power's acting that I do whenever I watch Hillary Clinton on the stump.

If you want a perfect illustration for why I left the Democrats almost two decades ago, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better example than the entire "Hillary phenomena". As of this date she is virtually unopposed as she prepares for what is obviously a long-planned run for the Big House on Pennsylvania Avenue. The question that is screaming to be posed is this one: Is this the best that the "party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt" can come up with? True, she's light years better than anything the Republicans will be able to puke up in the substance department, by why settle on her? Are the Clintons so all-powerful that there is no one out there in the Democratic landscape who is able to muster up the courage to challenge them?

To go straight from the first black dude to the first gal is indeed tempting - no argument there - but Hillary is not the one for me. In fact, she's not even a close second.

I understand that there are a lot of people (myself included) who would like to see a second, culture-shattering precedent established next year by electing the first woman as president of the United States. To go straight from the first black dude to the first gal is indeed tempting - no argument there - but Hillary is not the one for me. In fact, she's not even a close second.

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One has to wonder about the Dems these days. The situation is bleak everywhere you look - at least as far as the progressive cause is concerned. When I learned that Chuck Schumer (the gentleman from Wall Street) was in serious consideration for the role of Senate leader, replacing the retiring mannequin, Harry Reid, it seemed to me to be a classic case of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. With Democrats like these guys, who the heck needs Republicans? Why is it that the party that was redefined generations ago as being for party of "Progress" has forgotten their roots? Is it any wonder that so many of us are becoming more apathetic with each passing year?

If the Republicans end up nominating someone with an IQ above room temperature - in other words the type of candidate that doesn't appeal to the typical primary voter in the South and Midwest - you can bet everything you own on the fact that the Tea Party knuckleheads will bolt the GOP and start a third part uprising. That would be a wonderful thing. The same should happen to the Democrats.

"People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance, they live, they love, and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don't run this country for corporations. We run it for people."

I would love to see Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts toss her hat into the ring but apparently that's not going to happen. She has said - over and over again - that she has no intention of running and I have no reason to doubt her sincerity. One thing you can't accuse Liz Warren of is being insincere. Too bad. She is one of the few people out there with the heart and soul of a true progressive. I hope she changes hew mind.

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There are those who would make the argument that electing a relatively unknown woman from New England would be an uphill climb. True, but those were the same arguments that were made eight years ago when an obscure, African American politician from Chicago (NOT KENYA) named Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the White House. Everything is possible in this age. The first time I ever heard Elizabeth Warren speak I fell in love with her. I like to think of her as Spencer Tracy to Hillary's Tyrone Power; a meadow at sunrise to Hillary's astro-turf.

Maybe Ms. Clinton will turn out to be a pleasant surprise. Maybe she won't. We can pray for a miracle here, but the nasty reality calls for us not to be naive. She is the best the Democrats can come up with. Let's deal with it as best we can. Remember, the alternative to Hillary is Jeb Bush. We don't want to go down that road again - trust me on this one, kids.

Yeah, barring a miracle, the former First Lady, senator and Madame Secretary will more than likely be the Democratic nominee in 2016 - which means it's all but certain that she will become the next president of the United States. The only good news upon the horizon is that the GOP has gone so far off the deep end in recent years that they've become unelectable on a national scale.

Otherwise I'm not-at-all happy about this scenario. Hillary is about as much of a progressive as "liberal" Republican Nelson Rockefeller was - in other words: not very progressive at all. I've voted in every presidential contest since 1980 and I'm probably not going to miss this one, much as I'm tempted to. But you can bet that I'll be holding my nose when I cast my ballot on Election Day next year.


Tom Degan
The Rant