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Donald Trump seems to have found a political sweet spot and early tentative lead in the Republican Party presidential primary race by melding two heretofore frustrated and rather large constituencies that never thought they would find a standard bearer who so clearly understood their incoherence.

Why Trump Leads

Trump Donald Chump—Leonard Isenberg

One of these constituencies is paranoid ignorant people incapable of sequencing enough ideas together on any subject to be able to meaningfully question any part of Trump's glib platform that seems to magically float in space without anything supporting it.

The other part of his constituency is made up of people who have become justifiably frustrated by a political system where nothing seems to change no matter whether a Democrat or Republican is implementing the agenda of the corporate oligarchy that now clearly runs this country, while working and middle class people continue to have less and less.

Sensing that they will never really have the power necessary to challenge the status quo, they mistakenly believe that glitzy tabloid Trump will look after them in his roll as defector from his ruling class. Alas, nothing could be further than the truth.

What unites these people is the audacity—be it rational or not—of a Donald Trump whose feigned irreverence for a system his class runs seems a breath of fresh air to people who have either been losers their whole life or who think they will continue to be treated as such as long as Washington remains controlled by special interests that they are clearly not represented by.
Sensing that they will never really have the power necessary to challenge the status quo, they mistakenly believe that glitzy tabloid Trump will look after them in his roll as defector from his ruling class. Alas, nothing could be further than the truth.

What he offers them is a Latino scapegoat which Trump fantastically proposes excluding with his version of the Berlin Wall. As for the North American Free Trade Treaty (NAFTA) that put American agribusiness in direct cutthroat competition with Mexican farmers and made the cultivation of corn in Mexico no longer profitable, while serving as a major motivation for NAFTA displaced campesinos to head North to survive, Trump never quite gets around to addressing this and other American decisions unilaterally imposed on Latin America that have lead to the greater influx of undocumented Trump thinks can only be stopped with a wall. Trump also scrupulously avoids any discussion of the undocumented migrant laborer's willingness to do the jobs that Americans have shown they have no interest in doing and fails to mention how American borders were opened to braceros to pick our crops the last time undocumented hysteria surfaced not so many years ago.

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Trump denounces the Trans-Pacific Partnership and talks about how China, Japan, and Mexico are "killing us economically," but never gets down to describing how his class has done everything it can to emasculate government regulation, while creating the present disparity favoring foreign production motivated only by corporate America's willingness to pledge allegiance to the country that gives it the best deal irrespective of what negative effects it continues to have on the American worker and consumer. In just one example of his magical thinking, Trump bemoans the success of Japanese imported cars, but never mentions how American car manufacturers choose in the late 1960s in lieu of meeting legal emission control standards on American manufactured vehicles, rather choose to use their political clout to get American car manufacturer waivers from these requirements rather than comply with clean air standards that the Japanese and other had no difficulty meeting.

In saying that Obamacare should be "replaced with something much better for everybody ... and much less expensive," what the Donald fails to mention is that every other industrialize country in the world has single-payer government regulated healthcare that is far less expensive than what Americans pay, while giving them people an objectively better healthcare system by any measure—America is 27th in the world in infant mortality. Instead of paying over one-third of every healthcare dollar to an insurance company as is done here, the administrative cost of running the Canadian system is about 3% of the total healthcare cost. Is single payer perfect? Hell no, but it's head and shoulders above what we have or what Trump proposes.

Trump does a little good old fashion American saber rattling when he talks about how he would deal with the Islamic State militant group known as ISIS. He somehow never gets around to discussing Western non-stop exploitation of the Middle East for oil and other geopolitical considerations that never considered the needs of Middle Eastern peoples. And of course, blind support for whatever Israel continues to do to its Palestinian population engenders only silence from The Donald.

Trump would also like to see us invest in updating our nuclear weapons without ever taking cognizance of how difficult it has been up until now to lessen American and Russian stockpiles of these devices of mutually assured destruction, while trying to stop others from getting their hands on them witnessed by how the Republican have fought President Obama tooth and nail during the present Iranian nuclear non-proliferation talks.

And par for Trump's narrow course, nowhere in anything he says is any historic awareness that nuclear powers have spent generations now since the the initial arms race between the Americans and Russians trying to lessen nuclear stockpiles with the clear knowledge that man has never had a weapon he didn't ultimately use. Clearly, mutually assured destruction can only serve as an interim policy, while nuclear powers have tried to come back from the brink we almost went over during the 1962 Cuban missle crisis. Trump ignores this history.

Given the recent spate of people walking into schools and theaters to shoot their fellow human beings with guns that do horrendous, but relatively limited damage, I can't help but wonder what might happen if someone with an enormous ego got his finger on the button with the power to literally bring human history to an end. Talk about the ultimate ego trip.

leonard isenberg

Leonard Isenberg