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Why We Support Barack Obama

America needs a Democrat in the White House who can transform our country for years to come the way Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy once did. We believe Barack Obama can best unite, inspire, and transform America and here’s why.


Since the advent of Ronald Reagan’s “Smell the Coffee” Administration nearly three decades ago, through these last bitter days of George W. Bush’s dismal presidency, the Federal government has rested largely Republican hands, to America’s great detriment. For 20 of the past 28 years, a Republican has sat in the White House and until recently, Republicans also controlled Congress — where they still can and do blunt any real progress toward justice and equality with their invidious partisanship. Now, with Bush’s recent appointments, the increasingly ideological GOP controls the Supreme Court and with it much of the Federal judiciary.

The result is an America that is worse in nearly every way Democrats care about. We are a more divided nation — economically, politically, and racially — with a tiny minority of Americans now controlling the great bulk of the nation’s wealth and our black and brown brothers and sisters still largely denied an equal seat at the table nearly 40 years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

Greedy, short-sighted financial policies — most notably Reagan’s cynically laughable “trickle-down economics”—have driven respectable blue collar jobs that gave generations of Americans a foothold on the middle class overseas, replacing them with new jobs that come with paper hats and “fries with that order?” smiles....

Abroad, we have inflamed our enemies and dismayed, disheartened, and abandoned our friends, answering every call with more blustering militarism, more greed-driven exploitation, and more thinly veiled racist disregard for other cultures and philosophies, buttressed in Iraq with lie after lie after lie.

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And, now, after the Republican Party’s decades-long war on good government and the responsibility for regulating the economy that goes with it, we teeter on the brink of an ugly recession that will likely hurt most those who can afford it least.

So, indeed, we need a Democrat in the White House at all costs, and whichever Democrat wins the nomination this time will have our vote.

But more than someone who promises to work hard and manage well as president, who will fight the good fight and take on vested interests, at this point in our history, we need a Democrat who can inspire us and unite us. We need someone who can bring us together racially the way Kennedy brought Catholics and Protestants together, someone who can reach across partisan lines to solve the nation’s pressing problems the way Roosevelt did in tackling the Great Depression and World War II.

By the nature of Barack Obama’s diverse background, through his willingness to take his Ivy League education not into a comfortable corporate law office but into community-organizing and civil rights work on the streets of Chicago, into years spent representing his community as a progressive voice in state government, through his strong stands against this dishonorable war and for economic and political justice in the Senate, and especially through his soaring, soul-lifting rhetoric so reminiscent of FDR and JFK, Barack Obama has shown himself capable of being that leader, the one who might transform and heal this nation at a time it so badly needs transforming and healing.

More than our vote, Obama’s got our hopes for a better America and whatever time we can spare from providing for our family to work to elect Obama. We hope you’ll join us in supporting Obama on February 5th.