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The day of judgement, circa 2016 Presidential election, is here. Electors will actually choose the next President of the United States today and these 538 people will play a profound role in the immediate and possibly long-term direction of our nation and the world.

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Judgment Day—Lance Simmens

Forget the second guessing, the bellyaching, the debate over the functionality of the Electoral College in the 21st century, now is the time for a serious discussion of the gravity of the decision before us. Now is the time to reach deep into one’s conscience and face the consequences of a potentially foolish and reckless decision more grounded on emotion than intellect. And like it or not the decisions rest squarely on the shoulders of Republican electors. No one is asking you to desert your party, only to support your country.

It is time for serious minded Republican leaders to step up and tamp down the inflamed passions that are threatening the nation. We as a society have such a longing for restoring faith and confidence in our leaders and our governmental institutions that the collective angst, anger, fear and frustration is literally driving us to irrationality. The potentially disastrous consequences of our national insanity is manifestly illustrated in the election of a clownish character uniquely unqualified, uninterested, insincere and unable to comprehend let alone tackle the huge problems facing the nation and the world.

To those who provide cover to this imposter I understand your anger and your pride. To those who are in an abject state of apoplexy over what many thought unthinkable I similarly share your pain. But as much as both sides are prepared to do battle, as eager as many are girding themselves for the fight of their lives, the consequences at this point are so treacherous that a coalition of cooler heads and esteemed patriots must step forward to avert an outcome that will adversely affect all of us.

The petulance and outright hostility that the President-elect has shown for our system of governance ought to incite patriots along the ideological continuum from left to right, conservative to liberal.

The petulance and outright hostility that the President-elect has shown for our system of governance ought to incite patriots along the ideological continuum from left to right, conservative to liberal. The constitution of the cabinet picks that he has chosen reflect a level of disrespect not seen in our lifetimes. They are not indicative of the level of hostility in the electorate, lest we not forget the growing chasm between the popular vote totals, and they do not reflect a popular uprising for revolutionary change that would fundamentally change the nature of the society in which we live.

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The reality is this: unless a significant number of serious-minded Republican leaders step forward and tame this monster by forcing a reevaluation of the caliber of the nominees across the board we all will suffer. Party politics is one thing, mass suicide is something altogether insane. Look, the Republican Party controls all the levers of political power at the Federal, State, and local levels of government. It controls the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of power in Washington and in many state Capitols. You won. You are in charge. Now you must exercise restraint not revenge upon the vanquished, because all Americans are in your custody now.

If nothing else upsets you, the despicable way in which the President-elect has publicly embarrassed some of your more prominent leaders, Romney and McCain come immediately and prominently to mind, should alert you to the vile nature of your candidate. Those who ride on the back of the tiger may very well end up in its mouth. But this is more than a call for self-preservation, it is a call for responsible leadership.

Specifically Republican leadership must treat the confirmation process with a degree of circumspection and seriousness unlike any seen in recent memory. Mostly these are perfunctory coronations of political politeness, but then again usually the nominees are qualified and at least pretend to have an interest in the gravity of the positions they will soon represent. This time it will assuredly be different. Let the maxim be grill, baby, grill.

Let the battle lines be drawn over policies not politics. Look into the eyes of your constituents, not only the ones who supported you but those who did not. They are looking to you to lead not grandstand. They are looking for a statesman not a showman. The victory lap thing that Trump is conducting is little more than a gratuitous poke in the eye that will inflame a divided electorate.

Now is the time for seriousness of purpose and unifying a deeply distrustful nation around a set of decisions that truly will rectify some of the injustices both real and perceived that have been simmering for quite some time. Overreach and overreaction will only deepen the wounds that are so abundantly apparent at this juncture.

We will all live hopefully to fight another day. But for now step up to the plate and show both dignity and respect as opposed to the juvenile antics of a bully. First of all you may actually accomplish some good things but mostly you will restore some sorely needed confidence not only among the people but among yourselves. Everyone knows you are in control so don’t rub it in. We get it.


Lance Simmens