Election Returns 2012 California Initiatives

California November 6, 2012 Ballot Measures (Preliminary Results)

as reported by the California Secretary of State

At the bottom of this piece is a link to an LA Times articles that shows the level of funding each of the initiatives received.
Election Returns 2012 California Initiatives

LA Times Article

BALLOT MEASURES as endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Statewide Propositions
Proposition 30 – YES – Protects funding for schools and local public safety
Proposition 31 – NO – Locks California into permanent underfunding of education, health, and other vital services
Proposition 32 – NO – Creates special exemptions for billionaires and Super PACs allowing them to buy elections
Proposition 33 – NO – Auto insurance rate hike
Proposition 34 – YES – Repeals death penalty and replaces with life without parole
Proposition 35 – YES – Increases penalties for human trafficking
Proposition 36 – YES – Reforms “Three Strikes” law
Proposition 37 – YES – Labeling of genetically engineered foods
Proposition 38 – NO – Munger initiative
Proposition 39 – YES – Adjusts taxes for multi-state corporations to fund clean energy programs
Proposition 40 – YES – Referendum on State Senate district boundaries

Ballotpedia.org offers information on the ballot measures. Their analysis can be found here.

Proposition TitleYes Votes%No Votes%
Yes 30 -Temporary Taxes to Fund Education4,941,42353.9%4,218,20446.1%
No 31 – State Budget, State and Local Government3,353,86939.2%5,196,58560.8%
No 32 – Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction3,952,95243.8%5,066,73756.2%
No 33 – Auto Insurance Prices Based on Driver History4,025,55145.3%4,853,12554.7%
No 34 – Death Penalty4,255,49247.3%4,750,34552.7%
Yes 35 – Human Trafficking7,276,44881.1%1,691,77018.9%
Yes 36 – Three Strikes Law6,156,15468.7%2,809,40831.3%
No 37 – Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling4,260,12347.0%4,809,62853.0%
No 38 – Tax for Education. Early Childhood Programs2,478,45627.7%6,463,54072.3%
Yes 39 – Business Tax for Energy Funding5,273,99060.1%3,502,53939.9%
Yes 40 – Redistricting State Senate6,040,77371.4%2,414,37028.6%

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