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We have all heard the story of the starving artist pursuing their dreams while working two jobs, renting an apartment the size of a closet while eating ramen noodles three times a day. While this story has been true for many in the past, apparently Alysha Bush did not get the message. Rather than accepting the status quo, Alysha Bush has designed her entire life around becoming financially independent, in hopes that she would never have to be the starving artist while pursuing her passions. This is how she did it.

Alysha Bush grew up in the small town of Newburg, Oregon. In high school Alysha was a three-sport athlete. She was particularly successful in the sport of swimming and even broke a state-wide record. This drive for success earned her a full scholarship to Arizona State University, where she was named captain of the swimming team under the guidance of her coach Olympian Michael Phelps.

Shortly after learning the concept of assets building, Alysha was introduced to the opportunity to learn the skill of trading

After graduating college, as is this case with so many Millennial aged college graduates, Alysha found herself feeling stuck. As if she was living the same day on repeat over and over again. Her life-long dream had been to be an actress and dancer. She knew that it would be difficult to ever break-into that field while working 3 separate jobs. She knew something had to change in order for her to achieve new results.

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Always an avid reader, Alysha was introduced to the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki where she was introduced to the concept of building wealth through asset development instead of simply trading time for money. Alysha credits the concepts from this book for changing the path of her life, she now knew she was going to be an entrepreneur, even if she didn’t quite know how.

Shortly after learning the concept of assets building, Alysha was introduced to the opportunity to learn the skill of trading, namely, how to profit from the foreign currency exchange markets. The freedom of being able to earn income working from anywhere with an internet connection and on her own time drove Alysha to become one of the top students in the training academy she attended- all while working 3 jobs! After just 4 short months Alysha was able to replace the income from her 3 jobs and focus solely on being a full-time trader.

Alysha now has a thriving business that allows her to educate and guide others from all over the globe to find their way to freedom. Due to its remote and residual nature, Alysha has since been able to relocate to LA to pursue her life-long dream of becoming an entertainer to the masses. She credits her success in large part to being a life-long learner and to her incredible support system of mentors, family, and coaches. Alysha is extremely grateful to be able to help others build assets to earn the freedom to pursue their dreams and passions.

Alysha can be found on Instagram at @alysha.unleashed