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Amelia Skye, the quintessential headstrong, mid-western girl originally from Wisconsin is something close to a modern day renaissance woman. For twelve years, she rode and showed Arabian horses. She competed as a bodybuilder, winning pro status. She moved, by herself, from her small town in Wisconsin, to Los Angeles. She then moved across the country to Atlanta, all before the age of 24.

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But despite all of these talents and experiences, Amelia is a singer and a content creator with TikTok (@theameliaskye). She sang her first national anthem when she was just 14 years old, and known within her high school for singing it at most athletic events. She continued singing throughout college, and in August 2017, she even went on to sing the national anthem for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers MLB teams in Phoenix.

Amelia says that moving across the country was a difficult decision. She was leaving behind a world that she knew, but she was also leaving behind her entire family - including her twin sister, and her mother, with whom she is very close to. But she did it to pursue what was for her, a dream. Amelia first got into working out at the gym and bodybuilding as a way to cope from a bad breakup.

Moving out to Los Angeles was part of the plan to earn her pro status in WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) bikini bodybuilding.

She realized how good it felt working out, and her life quickly began revolving around the gym. Ever ambitious, she planned to step it up and make it her career. Moving out to Los Angeles was part of the plan to earn her pro status in WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) bikini bodybuilding. Guess what? Amelia did just that. Despite being diagnosed with a DVT in both of her legs in October 2018 and putting her out of the sport for a short time, Amelia got through it and ended up winning her pro status in June 2019.

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But now, Amelia has finally found her place in the world, in Atlanta. Shortly after winning her very first WBBF show in Phoenix, she moved to Atlanta in late 2019. She was inspired to pick singing back up, putting her bodybuilding career on hold. When she did this, she began filming TikTok videos, and within a few months, she had hundreds of thousands of followers. Today, that following is at one million. What is she famous for there? Her handstands (no doubt her bodybuilding skills make those easy), and her short comedic skits. She cherishes how much of an impact her creative side has had, and hopes to continue having a strong creative impact within her new home in Atlanta, through her lifelong passion of singing.

But that isn't to say that Amelia hasn't known some hardships. She says that she lost herself for sometime to anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. However, Amelia says that she managed to return to herself because"I live by faith and not by sight and God will always come first in my life every single day."